Just back from Normandy


Lantern Swinger
The pleasure was all mine matey.

To see the beeches, fortifications and pegasus bridge was amazing and i would advise anyone to go there.

The most important part for me was the cemetery at Beyeux.

Now i just have to find a place as interesting that we can go to next time.


Lantern Swinger

On the Ark before the off!!

Why I went!

The Mulberry Harbour!! Could we do this today?

Bayeux 10/06/2007.

St. Mare Eglise 10/06/2007.

If 'Saving Private Ryan' wasn't real enough!!
Did the battlefields tour in 74 when I was still at school. Found it really interesting, but also very humbling to see all those graves, the majority of them were only a couple of years older than i was at the time.
Always had a keen interest in WW1 battles since then, and would love to go back sometime.
I passed through St Mere Eglise just after they had done the annual re-enactment of the septic parachute assault, very effective, and hope some time to find time to do the beaches, but the first plan is to do the WW1 battlefields, perhaps next year.
The words below were sent to me by one of the people who attended the weekend.

They'll probably kill me when they see that i've posted it on here albeit without their name.

I've posted it because these words nearly had me in tears again, (i was in tears at the cemetery in Beyeux). Not only does it sum up the emotions of seeing the magnitude and sacrifice of that day 63 years ago this month but it also sums up the RNR. Some of my best friends are in the RNR and spending the time in Normandy with those people made it so much more special.

"Hi Guys,

Well a day has now passed since our historic visit to the beaches
of Normandy.

I don't know if any of you felt the same way as me on your return
home. But i seem to have come down to earth and back to reality
with a BUMP.

I would just like to say a ''BIG HEARTFELT,THANK YOU''
This is to everyone of you for making the trip so memorable for so
many different reasons. Some of which where funny beyond belief
and some that made you want to weep.

What a great privilege it was to share the emotional experience's
of our journey through Normandy with you my friends.

I feel sure i speak for all of us in saying how moving it was visiting
the cemeteries and landing sites. To see all those names and ages
engraved upon row after row of headstones really does make you
realise how fortunate we are. So many young men,so many just
boys. What a price they paid yet still we don't seem to learn.

To me and i also hope all of you it was truly one of life's
experiences. To visit Normandy is possibly the only way to take in
the enormity of what was achieved on D-DAY over sixty years

I must admit there were a number of occasions when i was lost
for words. As you know that does not happen often.

The emotional highs and lows of the weekend will i'm sure fade.
But the memories will never leave any of us.

Once again thank you all and i'm looking forward to our
next adventure.

Many Regards


(I hope i've not bored any of you with my ramblings)"

Top phots noemis, we're having a slide show at drill this evening.
I'm trying, all this technology just bloody confuses me.

Seriously though mate TYVM for your time. I dont know how to put the photos into a message but i'm loading them into my gallery.
:toilet: Just a thought, Mrs Hornblower and myself visited Dieppe earlier in the year so I could take in the beach area and try to find the landing points of the Commando's, a very nice little place to visit, lots of friendly frogs and lots of pride in what the mainly Canadian Force tried to do. Worth a visit. HB :tp:
My grandad fought at both the Somme and Paschandaele with the then Manchester Regiment and suffered lifelong damage from the ingestion of mustard gas. No VC I'm afraid, but he was Metioned in Dispatches.

I've never been but would like to. Perhaps we could organise a Rum Ration Battlefield Tour sometime, hiring a suitable guide for the event. Prof. Holmes perhaps?
fishmiester said:
more phots of the Ark please
I thought you were on a semi mobile landing strip of your own Fish? If so get out of your scratcher to the upperdeck & you can have some reality shots of your own. It's the old timers who need the Pics, not you 'living the dream'.
I was in your homeland yesterday up at Ryedale, very pretty indeed, did not stop raining all day as I headed south.


Lantern Swinger
fishmiester said:
more phots of the Ark please
Just for you Fishy!

All aboard!

And they're off!!

Looks important!?!

Ready for take off!

Looking aft.

They're breeding!!

Ship's bell.

One for the tractor spotters!

The pre-fab extension!

All purple now!

The Penthouse!

Whirly shooty thing!

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