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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by RNCIS, May 1, 2008.

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I applied a few weeks ago to join the RN as a C.I.S and passed the entry tests. I have my medical next week!! and then my fitness test.

    I just wondered if anyone has any advice for me?

    Also what infomation will have to know before I go for my interview?

  2. Yes, click on the newbies thread, there are 54 pages, if the answer you seek is not there, then ask this very question in your recruiting office.
  3. Yes Dont be late,dont get run over by a tram,dont do drugs,wear clean undies and remember to have your name and address on a label in case you get lost.Oh and dont call the Chief ,Sir!

  4. You forgot iron your shirt and trousers with the right equipment and store any additional gear in the right kind/size grip Mr Doc Sir
  5. i have been press ganged into telling you to not pass go and pay a £200 fine,, but as i feel that its rude i shall not tell you to do that, but instead tell you NOT to take any heed of the old farts on here,,,
    just do your best and you will be ok

  6. Have your baseball cap, and curtain rings in your lugholes removed. Your local NHS hospital surgeon will help.
  7. Oh yeah and DONT flop your knob out and ask the recruiter if you need to remove your prince albert/clit pin!!!!
  8. You mean I shouldn't have done that at AIB?
  9. Well only time will tell,if you suddenly find your self on a Signal promoting you to Commodore then you obviously impressed somone there! :thumright:

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