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being over qualified is something not new in the RFA.
I heard that with someone applying to be a Comms rating.

he was rejected for the same reason. DESPITE...DESPITE teaching CR2s at collingwood from time to time in the not very distant past....

yet the RFA didnt want him. bizarre
Maybe he or she rocked up all entitled like, telling the RFA what a fully formed bonus was offering his services.

It's a big drop to go from Senior Rate (assuming he was) to 'Ordinary Rate' however described- fcuk that. Perhaps the RFA did him a favour.
Maybe he or she rocked up all entitled like, telling the RFA what a fully formed bonus was offering his services.

It's a big drop to go from Senior Rate (assuming he was) to 'Ordinary Rate' however described- fcuk that. Perhaps the RFA did him a favour.
They told him that they were not interested in Ex CIS senior rates due to the RFA branch becoming an apprenticeship or something.

Looking here. Guess it has


Can anyone who's had a sift interview give me any information on it please. I would be very grateful if anyone could tell me the best sources of information about the RFA as I don't think the Navy website gives much detail. Thank you.
I used the navy website and was successful, research the ships (classes / operations etc) as for the role find out as much as you can ask AFCO if needed also be prepared for usual HR questions (examples of teamwork etc also their drug and alcohol policy)
Hope someone can help, I passed my psychometric tests a couple of month ago for the RN, unfortunatly failed my medical. I'm applying for the RFA and am wondering if I will have to do the tests again?



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RT scores are valid for 3 years I believe, @Ninja_Stoker can confirm. Depending on your score you may want to retake it, if possible, to gain the highest possible mark you can. Whilst you may have achieved a pass already for the job you want, the RFA looks for the highest scores from all applicants to decide who goes forward to the paper sift for interviews. Recently, those applicants failing to get interviews have received feedback stating that their scores were not high enough to proceed.Unlike the RN who put you on a waiting list for a particular branch, the RFA only recruit for a certain number of places in each recruitment period. Over the last couple of years there have been large numbers of applicants, 200-300, going for as few as 8 places on a course.
Cheers for the speedy reply, I believe I was 2 off the reasoning section for passing the grade for RN, but if can resist again and maybe get the officers grade that would be great! I'd assume they'd count which ever is your highest grade is. It seems very competitive to get in, Fingers crossed I can get in!


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I sat my test couple weeks ago for engineer apprentice still havnt heard word back about result..Is this common?
Some applicants have found out within 24 hours. Others, myself included, had to call recruitment after a couple of weeks of hearing nothing. Call them on Monday. Don't expect to be told your score.
I took mine in Belfast and they sent the result to Portsmouth..they said I would hear by letter..Woman on the phone was really pleasant..Oh sorry did I say pleasant.. I mean didn't give a toss really
Oh that's sad , I rang the same day and got mine she even told me my sift date aha , I got threw the sift and now just counting down the days till my interview in July
Was this for engineer apprentice? She said she couldn't tell me over the phone if I passed or not..did you get a letter to say you passed as well?
It's such a lengthy process but it builds character and ensures you are committed to the role should you be successful. I first applied exactly 1 year ago and am now just counting down the days until my course begins at HMS Raleigh in July

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I sat my test today for engineering apprentice. Received an email from rfa an hour later saying I have passed the entry level for royal fleet? Does this mean for royal fleet itself basic. Or engineering??

Squashedbanana..it's all the same RT if it's valid that will be used I was told. But depending on your pass mark?

Also my RN advisor at the local afco sat me down and give me a list of which I passed for in the RN if not successful in the RFA which surprisingly the engineer wasn't on! So my guess is that they have a higher pass rate not being an apprenticeship ??
Hi Emma
How was the interview for Engineer Apprentice please? Got mine in October. Revising and researching all over net and forums but any more advice would be welcomed.
How is the training?
Cheers and thanks again

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