Just Applied for RFA

Yeah she was rather rude even thou I did say that multiple people have said you guys give out the result she wouldn't even hear me out.
I sat the test for the air force a while ago, same bloody test, but anyway they told me I passed and sent me on my way with some print outs of my score in each category and what I needed for specific roles.

But then at the same office doing the same test for a different job 2 years later they didn't tell me a thing, said it would be sent direct to the RFA at Portsmouth because they (AFCO staff) don't touch it. got a letter a week later saying I scored well enough to be invited to an interview or something along those lines.
I got told the same thing the AFCO guys don't touch the RFA side of it. The only reason I rung was because I'm away till Monday( oh the pains of being sent to a boarding school) so I gotta nervously wait while attempting to revise for my A Level exams.
Does it really matter what the test results are ? Afterall if you get in for the role you've applied for then that is surely the main goal.

Just a thought.
Waiting to hear back after passing the psychometric is draaaaaaag-ing! Lol. Based on other people's experiences, I won't hear back until the middle of june. Im hoping that the wait is a good sign
Completed my psychometric tests yesterday and now waiting to hear back to see if I've passed. Didn't think the suspense would kill me as much as it is haha. Fingers crossed!
They were okay for me. Luckily I had timed myself before going so I knew what I was in for. On the maths section I had a guess the last couple due to running out of time. Other than that it was ok thank god, haha.
Sat my psychometric tests on Wednesday and I've received a letter today to say I've passed. Does anyone know how long it takes to hear if you're successful in getting a sift interview? Cheers!
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