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Discussion in 'RFA' started by SuperNexus, May 3, 2015.

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  1. Applied for the role of Seamanship Apprentice!
  2. Any word back?
  3. Yup :) going for my tests down at Brighton AFCO tomorrow !!
  4. Good luck to ya! I had mine a couple of weeks ago and it was intense... The questions were okay but the time limit flies by :eek:
  5. Thanks :) yeah that's what I heard overall how long where u at the AFCO for ?
  6. Between an hour and half and two hours. But over half an hour of that was waiting around until they checked everyone's paperwork (Photocopying passports etc). The actual test itself will take about 45 mins (9 mins for the reasoning, verbal and mechanical comprehension sections, and 16 mins for the numeracy section). RFA candidates will be allowed to go as soon as the test is over. Then they'll check and double check your results and forward them to the RFA recruitment office. Unfortunately you dont find out what your result is. You just receive a letter telling you whether or not you got the required score for the role you applied for.
  7. Ah okay thanks
  8. Hi SuperNexus,

    Try and have a friendly chat with the Navy guys at the AFCO and they might tell you "on the quiet" if you've passed or not.
  9. Haha, worth a try... although I was shown out of the AFCO before they even marked the papers
  10. Pity I got talking to a Chiefy in the AFCO and he told me it was ok, but I'm an ex Crab and the Chiefy and I are of the same vintage so that helped.
  11. All done now the questions weren't to bad (except maths ) although the time limit got me on the 1st bit
  12. Mine went the same way SuperNexus, I think everyone gets caught out by the time limit on the first section. I got through on my English as my maths is rusty. Fingers crossed and good luck to you, keep us posted.
  13. Thanks I will , hoping they will email me my result as im away from home all next week.
  14. My "results" (they don't actually tell you your score) came in the post. But I didn't get it until about 10 days after
  15. You will get a letter saying if you have passed or not in the post about a week after you have done the test. After that you just have to wait to see if you get an interview
  16. thought as much , thanks
  17. I rang up and they told me I passed over the phone, then had an email about 2 weeks later!
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  18. How long after you did the test did you ring ? I may have to ring :p
  19. I had my test on a Friday, someone else who also took the test found out the following Monday, I rang the Tuesday and they were really nice and congratulated me :)
  20. Going to ring Tuesday then

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