Just another stupid question about drug convictions

Hello my dearest of friends

I'm a British/Norwegian chap
whose absolute dream in life is to join the RMC.

Unfortunately, I made the idiotic mistake to use cocaine on my 24th birthday party in Norway (where I live) 2 years ago.

Police showed up and I was taken to the station for a urine test.

Woke up at the station the day after (on my actual birthday)
while poor mum was sitting at home with my relatives and cake, waiting for me...

I got convicted for "light usage of drugs" (lowest possible conviction in regards to drugs) and fined £400.

Really stupid I know :/
I'm really not a drug user and would happily leave a urine sample every day to prove myself.

I'm just wondering if I'm barred from ever joining the navy now since cocaine is a class A drug?

Is there anything I can do to increase my chances for a succcessful application in the future ?

I recon if I contact the navy now and tell them about this and how regretful I am, I might stand a better chance of joining in 4-5 years time ?

Cheers boys


War Hero
Habitual recreational drugs users need not apply. The question you have to ask yourself, in all honesty is; would you have considered it idiotic or stupid had you not been prosecuted? Probably not.

All convictions must be spent under the UK rehabilitation of offenders act, all fines paid, sentences complete. As long as the conviction and quantity of of drugs involved does not include possession with intent to supply or trafficking and there is no previous undeclared or unspent convictions an application would probably be considered on individual merit.

Rest assured everyone convicted is either innocent or bitterly regrets their actions when they realise how it may affect them.

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