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Just another day at the office or should have been?


War Hero
Did now where to post this?

Get a call from daughter Tues Morning I think baby is coming early, so Mrs S and I start to get ready, Mrs S shouts for get breakfast we are going now, get to daughters and she is in a bit of a state, Mrs S gets dragged into car and off they go.

On arrival at Maternity 07:35 midwife meets them with wheel chair and starts to leg it through hospital, Mrs S not used to running kept up, she said it looked like a scene from a film every door was being held open by a nurse, lift was held open and waiting, then slowly up the lift then leg it to delivery room (reminded me of the end of the Blues Brothers) newest family member (grandchild No6) arrived at 07:55, son-in-law managed to dump car and just make delivery.

The midwife says to daughter your husband scared the crap out of us, he called at 07:00 to say they were on way and labour pains were less than 2 mins, midwife could hear daughter in distress and said call an Ambulance now, my son-in-law says no need for that, in-laws on way and it will only take a few mins to get there (peak traffic time?), then hung up. Midwife thought home birth or in the car on the road, daughter says mothers calming words help her to hang on for hospital otherwise would have been in the car.

I dumped with grandson; he wakes up at 09:00 and says where is mummy, gone to get your baby brother from the hospital, he says can we play a game?


War Hero

Thanks I will pass on, as credit is due elsewhere, playing games with my 3yrs old Grandson was no real effort.


War Hero
Congrats grandad (x6)
Thank WRL

Eldest son X4 now taken action for no more

Daughter says 2 is enough, only time will tell?

Youngest son not got round to that stuff yet but may be will one day

All I know is my bank balance just took another hit, Bank of Grandparents took on a new account, as parents are skint?
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