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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Gashead, Aug 29, 2008.

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  1. Hello all,

    I'm 16 and have just finished school. My Dad always talks about how i should join the navy or the RAF, he hasn't pressured me into it but he definitely feels like joining the forces would build me as a person. I'm not the most confident of kids so i've never really taken joining the navy seriously until the last few months. I've learnt a little bit by browsing the web and i'm starting to realise that it could not only be one hell of a job, but something that would undoubtedly build my confidence and be very rewarding. I'm going to talk about it at my local careers office just to find out as much as i can, and to talk about what role would be best for me as currently i don't have much of an idea.

    I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how good the travel would actually be. I'm not naive enough to think that i'd spend all my time on some exotic island, but at the same time i'm worried that all the talk of seeing the world is just propaganda and i know i wouldn't like to spend a couple of years in a rubbish place. Where are the most likely places i would be going?

    Also i'm very much into sport so was wondering if you get to play as much sport as the websites promote?

    I know thats not the most in detail post ever but any answers would be really appreciated.

  2. Hi, I doubt you would be forced into playing any sports that you do not want to, you will have to fit though. My application for the RN is pending so I don't speak from experience though.

    Also if you pick up a 'navy newspaper' from the carrers shop it tells you where the ships are deployed which should give an idea of the sort of places you would see.

    The best idea is to talk about it at the careers centre though, and don't make any hasty decisions as you ARE still young :thumright:
  3. Thanks for the reply, although i think you misread what i wrote about sports! I love pretty much all of them and i'd want to take part as much as possible.
  4. If YOU want to join the services then do it. Please don't do it because Dad, Uncle, your mate or anyone else tells you to.
    It's 45 years since I took the plunge and joined, I then spent the next 22 years of my life in the RN.
    Did I enjoy it, well sometimes and at other times I hated it.
    The big question is would I do it all over again, the answer is YES. I would however do things differently.
    Not knowing anything about either you or your educational standards I have no way of knowing where you would fit in. So take a trip to your local recruiting office (or whatever they call it now).
    As for sport, I wouldn't think that the RN has changed too much in the last 23 years. There was always plenty of opportunities to play virtually any sport you wanted to.
    Think carefully, you are still young. It may be worthwhile returning to school to improve your Maths and English. The better trades seem to need better commands of English and a better understanding of Maths.
    Whatever you decide best of luck. :thumright:

    The Ninja will be along soon, pay attention to his advice and you won't go far wrong :w00t:
  5. Hi Gashead, good post and I await the "educated" reply's.
  6. Thanks for the reply,

    I read my post again and i did think it sounded like i'm being told to join, but really it isn't like that. As i said i've just finished school and i'm just thinking about my options, i haven't set my heart on anything yet but the Navy is something that i've been told about that i think i'd like to learn more about.

    As for my educational standards i did pretty well in my exams. I got a B in English (both language and literature) and a C in Maths. I signed up for sixth form about six months ago that lasts another two years and one of my subjects is English which hopefully will help me out.

    I will definitely go to the recruiting office as you said to find out more about what job would suit me.

    Thanks again for the reply.
  7. It's good to see that you are going to continue with your education.
    This gives you two years in which to progress and perhaps gain the 180 UCAS points needed for entry as an officer.
    It also gives you two years to learn more about the RN and entry requirements.
    My advice is to strive for the best educational results you are able to attain. No slacking but two years of hard work. ^_^;
    Go for it and best of luck. :thumright:
  8. Yes I did misread it, didn't have my contacts in :) thought you meant that you didn't like sports.
  9. hello
    If you are serious about joining the RN for your own reasons then do so!

    The travel, as you know will prob for the moment be the 'head line' news locations! but, by on large, before you get to ANY of that, Raleigh will be a challenge, you will love it or hate it! If you are fit of body and of fit mind then you will 'perspire with determination' and get through it!

    You will enjoy it when you look back at the arduous training.
    It will be fun, and the friends you make will be with you for life.. I have found that the civvy friends I have left 'at home' are still doing the boring same 'o' job as when I left!

    If you have an apitude for sports you will be 'snapped up' by the PT staff, and this is a good thing! If they notice you you will be noticed by the important people, ie: your DRS (Divisionall Senior Rates)it improves team spirit and develops leadership qualities.
    This will enable you to maintain a level of fitness required to complete the course!

    I may sound like an old hoot but I have years of experience and I wish you well and good luck. Joining up was the best thing I have ever done!

    What specialisation is it that you are thinking of?
  10. To be honest i don't really have much of an idea! At the moment i'm just thinking of my options and the navy is one of them. I will speak to the person at the careers office and hopefully that will give me a better idea of what might be best for me.

    Thanks very much for the positive reply!
  11. Anytime x

    If you ever need any other advice just drop us a line. Only too happy to help a newbie. x after all this is what you get when you touch the services,. folk that look after you!

    best of luck
    kindest regards
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Jeez Slim,

    How the hell am I supposed to top that?

    In short: What he said- spot on, entirely agree.
  13. What a refreshingly eloquent and modest post from a potential recruit.

    Most of your questions have been answered well here Gashead, but with your educational achievements and outlook I would think you may have the potential to do well in the RN.

    Of course this is only a website and impossible to tell for sure!

    Good luck.

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