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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by MrH1992, Jul 13, 2008.

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  1. Hi all, just introducing myself before I start posting around. I've been looking around for a few weeks now and decided to register :w00t: Im planning on joining the Royal Marines after I leave sixth form, which is a while yet, so im busy running and weight lifting like theres no tomorrow. :rambo:
  2. hi and welcome

    firstly make sure that you have a mirrored room for doing your weight training in.

    you'll appreciate the ego trip and eventually preening and prancing will become second nature.

    lympstone my boy will be a piece of pi$$
  3. Get yerself down Matalan for a nice polyester dress too ;)

    Oh and welcome to the site :)
  4. There is a tomorrow, ................................................I hope.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Hi, Welcome.

    If you want to be a RM Commando you would far better off running rather than lifting heavy weights. Small weights with lots of reps are fine- big weights- not good.

    Notwithstanding the need to develop upperbody sttrength through close-arm pressups & back-handed pull-ups, you should most definitely not attempt to "bulk-up" before undergoing recruit training. Those that do, suffer greatly - the mahoosive marines you see from time to time tend to bulk up after training, but definitely not before.

    Similarly if you're joining as an Officer, you may already be aware there's one intake each September & you need to start the process ideally at least 10 months before you wish to enter.

    Good luck.
  6. Haha, thanks for the welcome guys :thumright: The fitness tips are useful as well, thanks N_S. I'll stop doing the heavy weights now, and concentrate on the running and the pull ups as these are what I need to improve on overall. The 10 months before still leaves me with plenty of time to get fit, so im fairly confident my fitness will be up to scratch by that time.

  7. Now, don't misunderstand me, but Sixth Form and Royal Marines don't sit well together, even for orcifers. If you've got that many brains why don't you join the RN? Then you'll save yourself a lot of pain and hip/knee replacements when you are an old (but not very old) man.
  8. To become a Royal Marine has always been a dream for me, however there are Royal Navy officer jobs I would consider. I'm set on becoming a Royal Marines officer now and getting the green beret, and would rather go for it instead of looking back regretting that I didnt, even if it does give me difficulties later in life.

  9. He ain't lying! Throw in some sit ups too to get them abs sorted. To recap, running, press ups, back-hand pull ups, sit ups. You could throw in some other circuit exercises too for variation, squat thrusts, bupees etc, but they are the main ones. Finding a good circuits class (the best ones are sometimes run by ex-PTIs), might help, especially motivation wise and it'll give you something to measure yourself against. And running will be your bread and butter in the Corps, so get a programme sorted and build it up from there, throwing in some hill work for good measure. Good luck. :thumright:
  10. All this advice is brilliant :thumright: Just to give you an idea, I'm currently running between 5.5 miles-10 miles at the moment around 2-3 times a week, I try to get as many hills as I can to get those legs pumping.

    As for upper body, I managed to get 53 standard press ups in 2 minutes, 55 sit ups in 1 minute and.... :thumbdown: 4 pull ups, which definatly needs improvement!

    Talking of hill training, I'm heading off to Cadair Idris this weekend and I'm thinking of taking a certain amount of weight with me to match up to full kit. Is this advisable, as I'm still really a young un?

    Cheers for the advice
    Edit: figures wrong way round, my bad
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's probably best the serving Royals advise you on this- my opinion is that you don't need to run with weight yet- walking is fine, but running is a quick way to injury especially if you're still growing.

    Below is a pasted bit from the POC Briefing notes regarding fitness requirements:

    Potential Officers Course (POC)

    The POC is designed to see whether you are likely to meet the challenge. It is a gruelling test of your physical fitness, and we are assessing your determination and commitment.

    The POC also gives you the opportunity to find out more about the Royal Marines. By the end, you will have had a taste of life as a Young Officer in training. It is also a unique chance to learn a lot about yourself and your strengths and weaknesses.

    The POC takes place at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM), Lympstone, Devon. The base is situated on the banks of the Exe estuary, 8 miles south-east of Exeter.
    Courses run approximately twice a month throughout the year increasing in frequency between March and July. The POC lasts for 52 hours spread over 3 days from 0900 Monday to lunchtime Wednesday.


    0800 - Arrival

    1145 – Royal Marines Fitness Assessment (RMFA)

    You will move to the gymnasium to undertake the Royal Marines Fitness Assessment (RMFA). To begin with, the Physical Training Staff will brief you on the way you will be expected to conduct yourself during the RMFA. You will then begin the Assessment, which consists of the following (IMPORTANT: READ THE EXERCISE TECHNIQUES DETAILED BELOW AND TRAIN ACCORDINGLY) :

    * Progressive Shuttle Run (the ‘Bleep’ Test) - You will run between 2 lines, 20 metres apart, at a pace dictated by bleeps, beginning at ‘level 1’. Each level has several ‘shuttles’ at the same pace and the pace quickens at the start of each new level. Although part of the overall RMFA, this test has a separate pass mark and you must keep up with the bleeps and reach level 11.0 as a minimum. A result of ‘level 15 shuttle 5’ will gain maximum points for the purposes of the RMFA. The first few levels serve as the warm-up for the Shuttle Run itself. Candidates must take care to wear non-slip trainers to aid turning at the end of each shuttle.
    * Press-up Test – The duration of the test is 2 minutes, 60 press-ups will get you maximum points. The body must be kept straight at all times, the chest will be lowered to meet another student’s fist, you must then fully lock out the arms on the upward motion. Your hands will be shoulder width apart and your elbows must be kept into your side, poor form will result in you being stopped.

    * Sit-up Test – Once again the test will last for 2 minutes, 85 repetitions will g
    et you maximum points. Your feet will be held by a partner, your fingers must stay in contact with your temples and your elbows must make contact with the mat on the rearward motion and come up to touch the knees on the upward motion, your knees must be kept together, poor form will result in you being stopped.

    * Pull-up Test – This exercise will be carried out on the wooden beam. You will adopt an “overhand grasp†your body will hang straight and then be pulled up until your chin is over the beam. The exercise will be done to the commands of “bend and stretch†this is to ensure strictness and prevent the use of momentum, you will be told to “drop off†if you do not stay in time. To gain maximum points you must achieve 16 repetitions.
    1400 - Weapons Presentation

    You will taken for a Specialist Weapons brief by a member of the POC team, you will also get a chance to have a ‘Hands on’ with some of the weapons displayed.

    1530 – Essay and Interview


    0720 – Confidence Tests & Bottom Field Session

    After breakfast, you will be met by the Course Supervisor and taken for a thorough warm up prior to beginning the morning’s physical activities. You will then receive a demonstration of the “Commando slide†and “punch into the net†obstacles of the “Tarzan Assault Courseâ€. The course will then be expected to complete both obstacles, allowing the POC staff to gauge candidates’ confidence to operate effectively at heights. The course will then be led to the bottom field where they will receive a demonstration of how to tackle each obstacle on the Assault Course. On completion of the demonstration it will be your turn to do a ‘timed run’. Then you will be split into teams for the log race, where each team has to carry a log around the course without it touching the ground. For some of the obstacles, you will be the team leader, for others a team member – and on other obstacles there will be no leader designated. First you will have a short time in which to work out how you are going to tackle each obstacle. You will then have to brief your team clearly and positively before putting your plan into action. It will test your drive and assertiveness, how well you communicate under pressure, and how well you work as a team member when someone else is leading. Next you will undertake 2 Fireman’s carries – 200m in under 90 seconds and 100m in under 45 seconds.

    You will then get cleaned up and eat a pasta lunch in the Officers’ Mess. After a strenuous morning you are encouraged to use this meal as an opportunity to fuel and fully hydrate your body prior to the afternoon’s activities. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU EAT AND DRINK AS MUCH AS YOU CAN THROUGHOUT THE COURSE, OTHERWISE YOUR BODY WILL RUN OUT OF FUEL.

    1130 – Lecturette

    For a Royal Marines Officer, the ability to communicate with others is vital.

    1230 – Endurance Course

    Following another quick change you will be taken to the local training area on Woodbury Common, three miles from Lympstone, for the start of the Endurance Course at 1300 hrs. The course – one of the Commando Tests – consists of a run of six and a half miles over varying terrain. The first two and a half miles will be run as a group over rough ground, including water pools and 5 sets of tunnels. There will be regular pauses for an explanation of how to tackle each obstacle. This is followed by a ‘Hare and Hounds’ race over one mile, where you will attempt to catch up with a member of the Training Team running at the front of the group. The final three miles are conducted as a squad run through the lanes back to CTCRM at 8 minute mile pace, don’t be surprised if the pace quickens towards the end. The Endurance Course tests exactly what the title suggests. Throughout, you will have to show not just physical fitness but the mental desire to keep going despite increasing fatigue.

    1530 – Discussion Exercise

    The final assessed activity on the POC is the Discussion Exercise, which takes place back in the Officers’ Mess.

    By 1630 the formally assessed phase of the course is complete. The rest of the afternoon and evening is spent cleaning the equipment you were issued on Monday and relaxing and enjoying the comforts of the Mess.

    1800 – Drinks in the Officers’ Mess


    0800 – Battle Swimming Test

    The first event of the final day is the Battle Swimming Test. Your performance in this test is not assessed; it is included in the POC so you can gain an insight into other physical aspects of training. Although swimming can be taught at CTCRM in training, it is beneficial for you to arrive with some ability particularly at breaststroke. If not a strong swimmer, a candidate should consider swimming lessons.

    0900 – Presentations

    Next follows a comprehensive presentation that concentrates on Royal Marines Young Officer training.

    1030 – Final Interview

    The POC ends with a final interview in which the Course Officer will give you your POC result.

    Hope that gives you a rough idea of what to expect- Good Luck
  12. Hi MrH1992, there will be a live chat on the Royal Navy website tomorrow with Mark Burton, who's a Royal Mariens Commando.

    Here's your opportunity to ask him various questions or querys you have!

    Hope you'll find it helpful!

    Best of luck

  13. The POC looks hard enough! Will they expect me to have a good understanding of current affairs and Corps history or is that only at the AIB?
    Didnt know there was a live chat happening tomorrow, I'll have a look at that and see if it answers anymore of my questions.

    Cheers for all the help.
  14. Go for it their is a Snotty . Out their that is a member of RR. Avtar Potential Officer Try P.M. for some tips :thumright:
  15. Born 1992??!! o_O

    My beret is older than you! :lol:
  16. OY ! theirs mail for you in the gash barge :thumright:

  17. Ooooooooo! :) :thumright:

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