Just achieved a 2.1 BSc degree - Thinking of joining

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Gwillz91, Jun 16, 2012.

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  1. I am new to the forums, so fristly i'd like to say hello to everyone.

    So i've just been told I have a 2.1 Bachelor of Science degree the other day(basically a computer science degree), and have been thinking of joining the Navy for a few years now. I'm just wondering if I phone up my nearest office, would they be able to send out a load of information packs etc, so that I can have a read through and research them?

    Obviously there are certain ones online which I have looked at already but I'm wondering if theres a more comprehensive pack that they would send. Also what are the benefits of me joining with my degree, if any?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Welcome to Rum Ration, Gwillz91

    Congratulations on getting a 2:1 in your degree.

    Do you know which AFCO is nearest to you?
  3. Hi, Thanks a lot!

    As far as I know the nearest to where I live is in Wrexham (I live in North Wales)
  4. It sounds like it could well be Wrexham. The number for the RN Careers Advisors at Wrexham is 01978 263334. There is a centralised number for enquiries - 08456 07 55 55 - potential candidates who ring that number get sent some stuff in the post and a letter giving them a place on a group careers presentation at their nearest AFCO, but the centralised processing can take a while and I am inclined to suggest that you speak directly to Wrexham. Do you think that you could go to Wrexham if they asked you to drop in to see them?

    Your degree subject sounds interesting. What is the full title of the degree? Is it accredited with any particular institution? What did your course cover? Which Royal Navy jobs have caught your eye so far?

  5. your over qualified Taff, a Desmond 2.2 would have been enough lol
  6. Ah right, thanks for the numbers! I will more than likely speak directly to Wrexham, and It is quite easy for me to get to Wrexham, it's about a 45 minute drive from where I live so it's no major drama if they wanted me to come to them. But if i was going there just to pick up some info, it would be a bit of a trek just for that i suppose haha.

    The title of the degree was "Creative Technologies" eventhough it wasn't really creative.. it consisted of 80% computer science modules and the rest were media type modules, like film editing etc. The computer Science modules were programming based or quite heavy theory (various algorithms for 3d graphics and stuff like that). The jobs that seem to appeal to me would be something like a communications and info systems type job, but thats part of wanting more information so I can look into what options I may have
  7. I don't think that Wrexham would ask you to drive over just to give you some information. It was just a thought.

    Do you have 180 UCAS Points and GCSEs in Maths and English?
  8. Ah right that's good to hear haha.

    Yeah I have both of those.. I think I have like 360+ UCAS points from my college course but i'd have to check that
  9. The UCAS Tariff is used for the calculation:

    UCAS - Tariff tables

    Have you considered applying to be an Officer?
  10. blimming heck is there a shed load of 2.1 on the lower decks, now?????? Lol
  11. Thanks for the link, It turns out I have a total of 480 UCAS points. I did a BTEC National which was 360 (I got DDD) and as part of that I did the Welsh Baccalaureate which was an extra 120. I have thought about joining as an officer but I'm not sure about the process? Is it a different one entirely or do I just express my interest to whoever I contact?

    Thanks a lot for the replies so far!
  12. You're welcome.

    The initial stages of an application to be a Rating or an Officer are the same, in that everyone sits a psychometric test called the RT. Different jobs require different scores in the test and sometimes part scores as well which reflect what is required to do the job eg someone looking at engineering needs a certain level of mechanical comprehension, which is entirely logical. The test has four sections and Officer candidates have to reach a minimum score in each one. and it's not that easy. The part which causes a fair few problems is mechanical comprehension. This thread talks about the test, the first post, the one by Ninja Stoker will help you. Download the test booklet he links to, then you will see what the questions are like.


    Everyone has a medical and a pre-joining fitness test. Ratings have a selection interview done at their Careers Office; Officers are "Sift" interviewed and, if satisfactory, put forward to the Admiralty Interview Board by the Area Careers Liaison Officer and their "interview" takes place at HMS Sultan. See here:


    Aircrew (Pilots, Observers) also have to do Flying Aptitude Tests.

    I did wonder whether you would be eligible to apply for Weapon Engineer Officer, as some degrees in Computer Science might meet the approval of the AIB, but I'm not sure about your particular degree. Your BTEC might need the AIB's approval as well. The guys at Wrexham will be able to get confirmation as to whether the AIB would accept your degree for WEO purposes and your BTEC as acceptable for the UCAS point requirement.

    The time it takes to join as an Officer is generally shorter than the time it takes to join as a Rating incidentally, because Rating jobs all have waiting times at the moment. A successful Officer candidate could be looking at, say, February of next year, but I don't think that any Rating waits are that short now.

    When you speak to the guys at Wrexham, you can ask them about joining as a Rating or an Officer and then consider the options which are open to you. If your BTEC passes muster, Warfare Officer and Logistics Officer are possibilities, even if your BSc doesn't allow you to apply for WEO.

    There's a description of every job available here:

    Career Packs| Royal Navy

    Have a look to see what appeals to you.

    Any questions which occur to you , just add them to this thread and someone is bound to know the answer.
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  13. Become a spy.
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Congratulations on the degree.

    If the 360 UCAS points are not derived from A Levels, it's worth digging-out the certificate(s) and taking them to your local AFCO so that they may be verified acceptable by the Admiralty Interview Board (AIB) for those wishing to apply as an Officer. Whilst the UCAS points may meet the UCAS value, the rules with regard accepted contributing units & academic content are best advised by the AIB, as indeed the viability of using your degree in a vocational occupation.

    Best of luck.
  15. Thanks a lot for the info mate, I'll be phoning Wrexham sometime this week, probably today. I probably won't be able to go and see them face to face until mid July because I have my graduation and other stuff before then.

    I hope my BTEC and degree is ok to apply for at least some officer post haha.. the BTEC was I.T. Practioners.. but as you say i'll have to speak to them to confirm anyway.
  16. Thanks for the heads up.. I was sort of hoping they'd check over my qualifications anyway.. because while the title of my degree sounds rubbish.. it is in fact most part comp sci modules hence the BSc instead of a BA.

    Luckily I tend to hold on to my certificates so I have them all to show haha :p

    Thanks for all your help people
  17. Is that what the guy in the .gif was?
  18. Nope, he was a retard :)

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