Just abit of advice please

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by cricket00, Aug 25, 2010.

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  1. Hi

    I was just wondering if i started my application in march 10 to become a writer and i completed my application in april 10. I have been on an aquaint course in july... Any ideas of a month that hopefully i should get a joining date for. Also are you givin a joinin date 3 month prior to joining.

    Thanks i know everyones in the same position, just feels like im gettin no where at the minute, thanks again.
  2. to be honest buddy ...dont sound like you've been waiting that long..judging by how long other people have been waiting...

    good things come to those who wait
  3. You could try looking at this if you havent already. Good luck with your application.

    Waiting list
  4. Bear in mind that the latest update was July, and since then, there has been a temporary halt in recruitment. Expect the waiting times (which are from the date you pass your RT test or whatever it is) to be a few months longer.
  5. hello i sat my rt test in march and was told to expect a 9-12 month wait for seaman spec but the times advertised on this website are a lot longer and i dont know how long im going to be waiting now if these are true anybody waiting for entry as seaman spec and how long have u been waiting . thanks
  6. If these are true? :roll:

    Be assured that anything written by Ninja Stoker or SuperMario with regards to recruiting is reliable*. Dabbzie provided a link to the latest list of waiting times, follow that link, scroll down to the most recent list, read the waiting time given for your chosen specialisation, add six months to account for delays arising as a result of the suspension of training, and counting forward from when you passed your RT will give you the current estimate of when you will start at Raleigh.

    As you want to be a deck-ape, I will help you with the sums.
    26 months, plus six months, counting from April 2010 gives Nov 2012.

    See you after the Olympics.

    *(Anything written by them on other subjects carries no such assurance)
  7. Hiya Cricket!

    ive also applied to be a Writer, and applied in March. Have done psychometric, medical, fitness and passed interview, and now just waiting for a start date. My CA told me that the wait is currently 14months from the day I did my first test, and by the looks of it its only going to get longer. So looks like it's going to be a while yet :(
  8. I got told my date exactly a month before i joined. Luckily for me somebody dropped out and i got there place. Luckily this was back in the days when nobody wanted to join. I first went in a careers office in jan and joined in july.
  9. I was pretty much the same Danny, except on the day of signing they told me SA was going to be 18 months.

    So I said 'Sod it, I'll go Writer then.'

    Stupid, Stupid, Stupid...

    It's alright really, but what's a matelot without whining?
  10. im waiting for sea spec passed my rt on 22nd september 2009
  11. ETWE September 2009 :p
  12. Hi Cricket,

    Sent you a PM
  13. God you are going to be disapointed lol.
  14. how long have you been told you have left to wait by afco for entry to raliegh scoob ??
  15. If you read the post on here you will see that the dates for new entries at the moment are on hold, due to the governement pulling all funding for the entries between Nov 10 and May 11. This will impact on everyones entry dates. So unless you have been given a date before 28th Nov, you will not enter before May 2011 at the earliest. You will normally get about 3/4 months notice of an entry date.

    Having spoken today to the RN allocator in Portsmouth, it's ulikely that anyone will truely know the impact on recruiting until the release of the SDSR in Oct 10.

    If in doubt ring your own careers advisor, they know your background story and should be able to give you the best advice.

    Most waiting times for the RN are now somewhere between 18 months and 4 years.

    Hang in there


  16. If he waits by the AFCO till he gets in it's going to be bloody uncomfortable. I think he'd be better off waiting at home. :wink:
  17. since november mate,what about you?
  18. add another 6 months on top of are's lad, ws is now 30 month wait.
  19. load and clear ha, i know lads down south cant understand a word we say.
  20. i had my rt test in march this year got my selection interview in the morning but was told it will prob be 9-12 month wait from the rt test but now a lot of people saying that theres no chance of getting in that soon .

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