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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by F.T.D, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. As we are so under strength and the budget has been spent already how quick do you think it would go if we were fully manned? :wink:
  2. Oh Lord. I hear the sound of bean-counters awakening.

    Run! Ruuuuun!
  3. save yourself!.............god only knows
  4. we don't need to worry about that, a little bird (at comares) told me srtength is being reduced to just over 2k. :cry: watch out deadwood; timber.
  5. Surely given current manning levels that would be an increase in strength?
  6. i last heard paper strength was around 3300. but actual numbers are probably nearer 2000. i reckon all those names on the sign in sheet which are never signed will be tata. good riddance. hope we get to keep the man days, but i doubt we will.
    heard a buzz the RN is downsizing to around 20,000. any one else heard similar? 8O
  7. Ive heard the number of 2000 well 2100 to be precise as well and it wasnt a buzz it came from a CommarRes bod and a very senior one at that...due to our current strength this is likely to mean we will not be forcibly loosing people so you can take from that what are current strength is!!
  8. were u in collingrad this week end?
  9. No but I know a man who was!!
  10. Wow, amazing...the stats will look incredible. Some genius will make one admin change and will increase the trained proportion of the RNR from say 50% of requirement to say 75% of the requirement overnight, simply by reducing the max no. of people. That should earn someone another stripe.
  11. From what I have been told, we have about 1800 trained strength and about 500 untrained. Even with these numbers I have heard that we are now in border line country as to whether we are a going concern or not. Any less could mean the end. With that in mind I can't really see them reducing the numbers to 2k.
  12. With the way this world is going the armed forces in general need to recruit more people. Downsizing seems to defy logic.

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