Just a thought......

If Saddam were to escape from Iraq, and get himself into our glorious Britain, would he not be safe? Cos we cannot send someone back to a Country that would put them to death. Any ideas how T Bliar would deal with that one? :lol:
As he would be unikely toget here directly and as the average immigration officer might just recognise him TB may be lucky and get him sent back to the country he came to the UK from.



War Hero
Good question & well asked!! Since there probably wouldn't be anything we could do to him (bound to be loopholes that he could use against us).

Maybe some of the families affected by his tyrany could take out civil suits against him which he could deal with whilst living in his large detached house paid for by the government and claiming his benefits.

Probably give him a job with the CRE, advising on discrimination, with a fat salary, housing and a car, and regular dinner dates with one RedKen.... !!
If he travelled with Osama on P&O they'd be allowed in the Club Class lounge - any staff who did their job properly & challenged their right to be there would get a public bollocking (why I shall be avoiding P&O in future - any suicide bomber who looks like or says they're a Royal will probably now go unchallenged on P&O vessels - idiots :evil:). Osama would blow himself and Saddam up and that would be the end of the matter... and P&O would then scapegoat the member of staff who allowed them through.