Just a tad bit unsure on what career to go for in the navy..

Hi guys, 1st time poster here so be gentle :wink:

So, the other day I just passed my PJFT which I am very glad about (lets just say fitness is not my thing...my 1st PJFT I did in 15:44 , the 2nd was in 11:55) and am going for my 2nd interview.

I originally wanted to be a warfare specialist, but my eyesight wasnt up to it , I am in tier 3 - the lowest tier.

So I had a look to see what else I could go for, and a writer / logistics sounded ok.

Just wondered if anyone on here is one - whats it like? Is it boring?

I would love to play like an HR sort of role in the forces helping people out and such with their day to day problems. I know it involves stuff like sorting out money for everyone, but what else does it involve?


This briefly touches upon other things it may involve, but doesnt go into a lot of detail.

I am quite computer orientated , so thought this would be pretty good. What other roles that are computer orientated are there in the Navy?

Another thing is, say if I chose a certain job and hated it, would I be able to change it say a few months down the line?

Sorry if it seems like stupid questions, just want to make sure I get everything right!

Thanks a lot guys! Cant wait to be in the forces! :D


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Re: Just a tad bit unsure on what career to go for in the na

If warfare jobs are out, then Logistics or Technician (ME or WE) are your main options, depending on the recruiting test score. If you're not sure which- nip into your AFCO & have a chat about what's available or give them a ring- link below.

To be completely honest, the .pdf factsheet is fairly accurate with regard the job of Logs(Pers) - it's an office orientated job primarily & as an office worker myself, there's not an awful lot you can add to that. The newer Logs(Pers) factsheet is strikingly similar too, as you can see in the photo of the Petty Officer counting his Higher Pay Band wages for that day. (That isn't a safe incidentally- it's his personal kit locker).

Once you join, you cannot change jobs & should never join-up in that expectation, despite what others may tell you anecdotally - the only way to change trades for certain, is by leaving & re-applying.

Good luck.
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