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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Rumrat, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. A few years ago not long after I escaped the mob, I walked out of my job ( Office supervisor for manpower services) as it was inside and was driving me fuckin stir crazy.
    With nothing planned I started up as a self employed Taxi driver.
    I was on the base one day and this bloke who was one of our private hire drivers arrives with his new car, a skoda.[​IMG]

    This type. It was in the summer an a tad quiet at the time of day it was so we all stood round having a bit of banter.
    The base op then gives the Skoda owner (Stan) a job but tells him he is sending him a bit early.
    Why asks Stan?
    Well your car sounds like a fuckin lawnmower, and I thought the bastard came with an optional grass box, you ain't earning much here see if he wants his lawn cut.
    Stan fucks off ranting and does his job.
    Later on some spark sees whats written on the boot Skoda Turbo, and adds a stick on letter so it becomes a Skoda Turbon.
    He flips again when he finds it and is told he gets to do the Indian restaurant as his car now sounds like a food blender.
    All of a sudden he jumps in it and drove as fast as he could in the distance he had and piles it into the tool shed. Its fuckin totaled.
    He strolls back over to the assembled crowd and states he's put the mower away, and fucks off.
    We never saw him again and the car remained where it was until some wagon pulled it away weeks later.
    Imagine playing fuckin uckers with him.
  2. I think I did.
  3. That was one of Billy's sheds, he won't be happy.
  4. Nah he's playing with his balloons
  5. I had an Allegro once :oops::puker:
  6. I`ll see your Allegro and raise you a Marina
  7. Yes I believe you would have.
    I had a blow job in one of them once it wasn't you was it, I got a bite mark on me bell end.
    I've still got your wig and hair slide.
  8. And I distinctly heard the fucker shout dive as it went down.
  9. Did you get counseling, I still have panic attacks when I see anything biege.
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  10. I had a 1300 Marina, it went like shit off a shovel and would pull you up the side of a house.
    Towed a boat all over the country with it and got nearly as much for it when it was 3 as I paid when it was 1.
    The 1300 was a sports car engine from the sprite.
  11. wasnt that the same engine in the MGs
  12. Yup it is.
    The pistons were what they call squared. The 1800 was renown for the vibration and it caused a lot of problems.
  13. Henceforth when the Oxford English need a definition of optimism, this will be the quote.
  14. Had a loan of a Marina for a while, I think it was in racing green, maybe three seats across the front, very comfy, had to stop every 500 yards to put more petrol in, as for the BJ in the Allegro, was it the one with a square steering wheel
  15. So you don't care for MG's or sprites?
  16. My first car was an Austin 1300 GT, went fine but they had knack all boot.
  17. I once had a bonk in the back of a mini, wouldn't like to try now if I fell between the seats I'd never get out.
  18. See how we're all being good as Bad CO is out playing with his train set.
    Fuckin hell it makes you wanna use spell checker just in case.
  19. Misread that as spear chucker, thought I was on the other thread.
  20. He's watching us I can feel it in my water, just before I pissed myself laughing. Well it might have been just pissed because I drank too much.
    Don't care I'm outside.

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