Just a quicky

Hi there, just a quick one. Soon i'll be joining Raleigh with the intentions of progressing on as a Diver. Already passed my PEDA and I know that after Raleigh we have an aptitude week, ie more fitness tests to progress onto the 6 month diver training.
Say for some reason someone was unsucessfull on the aptitude test, what would happen to them? As they are a part of the Royal Navy, would you be kept in hold over and try again, or would you be transfered to another branch of the RN?

Cheers guys.
As far as I am aware, if the failure wasn't serious then the trainee MAY be held over to try again (dependant on numbers required) but if the failure was such that it was deemed that the trainee would be unable to complete training then its either outside OR possibly recat to another branch.

Phew that was one of those "Its not for me, its for a mate" type questions and answer, wasn't it ;)

Stop worrying, it doesn't make time pass quicker or make the test any easier. If anything, it does the opposite :)
I have every confidence that i'll be successfull (without being arogant!) Its just one of those ultimatums that I guess I could be faced with if something didnt go to plan!

Cheers mate!
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