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Discussion in 'UPO' started by PO Potty Mouth, May 9, 2014.

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  1. Has anyone ever added a comment in the suicide box on their report?
    one of the lads at work was a bit disgruntled
    today as he got an awesome report but was not recommended for promotion on the sole fact that he is getting a branch transfer.

    He he was going to comment as such in the suicide box but never did.

    anyone else been in the situation above. Is that a valid reason to give an awesome report but not actually put "yes" in the promotion 1 rank up due to that person transferring between branches

    or has anyone else used the suicide box?
  2. Yes.

    I was reported on by a very young and inexperienced Lt who's 1RO content was certain to let me down at a time when I should be being considered for promotion. I had it out with her and also with my 2RO who made her change a couple of things and tried to offset it in his comments but it still wasn't anywhere near what should be going to the board. It wasn't a bad report by any means it was just terribly written with a complete lack of understanding of my job.

    I wrote a couple of paragraphs explaining my issues as best I could as I felt I had nothing to lose.

    The upshot was I got my buttons and changes were made to our branch reporting methods. Feedback was that it was my comments that made the difference and the 1RO section was basically thrown out.

    It's only a 'suicide box' if you write a load of unjustified shit in it. Otherwise it's there to use as part of the correct reporting system.
  3. I've had one of my dept use the suicide box.
  4. but is getting a branch transfer, a justifiable reason to not put 'Yes' in the 'promotion 1 up' box. when the wording preceding it, would suggest that it could easily be a yes?

    do you even get looked at with a 'dev'?
  5. I don't believe it is a justifiable reason, no.
  6. I dont think it is. but unless it says so in a BR (JSP 757?) I would not know how you could go about sorting that out. assuming your mate has just ok'd his report (i have no comments)

    maybe there is further advice that can be got but would not know from who or what you could do to get it changed (if that is even possible)

    would surely stick out though, if the report is very very good but has 'dev' and says it all bar 'recommended for promotion now'...I have no idea it would even be looked at without a 'yes' in promotion 1 rank up..............

    what i do know, report writing is nails and I feel not enough expertise is out there (myself included) in achieving the standards the RN require

    maybe someone far more qualified on here is able to answer the branch transfer question and if so, how to go about it..????????????
  7. Depends doesn't it.

    If your "lad" is going to a new branch, why does promotion matter to him? I doubt the ET(ME) promotion board will care much if their brand new ET(ME)2 could've made it as a LS(AWT); they'll want him to prove himself as a ET(ME) first, and thus he meets the textbook definition of "Dev"*.

    As you've said he's "getting" a Branch Transfer, I presume he's not going to PTI/Reg/Acmn etc, as all these require YES for promotion to LH as a prerequisite for selection (or he's already a LH).

    *Branches picked at random.
  8. Surely, an SJAR is a report on a persons performance in the last reporting year and the potential based on that.
    not to take into account a branch transfer that has not happened within that reporting year?

    Like I said, I may be completely wrong (usually am). Just my take on it?
    Last edited: May 9, 2014
  10. His Potential within his Branch. As he's not remaining in Branch, then his potential is, at best, limited. If he's as good as you make out, I've no doubt that he should do well in his new Branch, unless of course, he's joined one that is "dead man's shoes" in which case he'll have to wait his turn.

    His Performance should have little to nothing to do with his promotion recommendation.
  11. Common sense, which is far too often overlooked in the SJAR process, needs to be applied.

    Not recommending someone for promotion (who merits it) due to a pending branch change that isn't certain to happen is doing a huge disservice to the individual being reported on and shouldn't happen.

    In the event the branch change isn't successful, for whatever reason, the individual is having their career impacted on negatively simply for attempting a branch change, which they're perfectly entitled to do.
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  12. Indeed, but it depends massively on the circumstances - which I hope the man's DO would be far more aware of than the dit on here.
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  13. that is my take on the original posters, post.
    as I also said, have no idea what can be done in that instance now, though

    am now keen to know as this is something that I may have to deal with in the future be it with one of my section or with my supriors doing their 2ro bit
  14. In the late 70s a new method for promoting B13 ratings was introduced. Suppossed to give the young whizz kids a chance to get promoted to chief more quickly.
    What actually happenned was that many young POs had CW papers raised. Of course as an occifer candidate you were naturally going to get superior write ups to those who were not CW candidates.
    In shortsuccession many of these young thrusters received their B13 for Chief. On being advanced to Chief most of them immediatelywithdraw their application for the bun house.
    Great for them but it effectivelly stopped promotion to chief for everyone else for years.
    Promotion top CPOAEM(R) was one per two or three years.
    I'm not blaming that for my lack of promotion to chief cos I was always a lippy bastard who spoke up too often:compress:

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