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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Ben_C, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. Just a quick question that will no doubt turn out to be a deep search.

    Air Tech's. It says on the RN website that you do 'not' need any formal qualifications, only GCSE's with an alright' grade? Correct?

    I never managed to get a C grade in Mathematics (not through lack of trying! - 2 re-sits later with a tutor) which has always held me back in the Army and Air Force from becoming an Air Tech.

    Anyway, all my other grades are reasonable - to an extent! and I have high enough passes to get to college etc, although I am too old and do not wish to do that anymore after leaving Sixth Form 2 years ago.

    The true question is - Will I actually be able to put myself through to apply for an Air Tech position or will I be wasting my time? I don't want to find that after I've spent hours of my time getting all they need, passing aptitude tests etc. that I cannot actually do the job I want due to not having a C grade in maths, like the RAF told me.

    Any help would be grand.

  2. If things air the same as when I joined up your exam results are only used as an indicator . Themain thing they look at is your apptitude test scores, if you score high enough in the right area and have a high enough overall score you will be offered a wider choice of branches that are recruiting at that time or in the near future. Remember you are in a compition at the end of the day with any others that may wish to do the same job as you so try your best and good luck and look the part at the careers office every positive comment on your application can only help you.
  3. flat back's right I haven't got the best MAths qualification but it's how you do in your aptitude test that will decide, if your good enough for AET you'll get it if you ain't you'll get offered something else but if you really want AET you should practice some psychomectric tests (is that the right word?)
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Junglie_Lad is absolutely correct: Unlike the RAF, the RN does not require formal qualifications- you "just" need to pass the recruiting test. The test goes back to 1943 & remains largely unchanged (Unlike GCE, CSE, GCSE!) & from your results the RN know whether you have the intellectual ability to pass trade training. For AET you need to answer about 66% of the questions correctly in all sections. The questions are against the clock- so you must revise against the clock. The careers office will give you a practice test booklet, a good book on psychometric (You were right JL!) testing is a very good idea. If you do not pass, you have to wait a year before you can re-sit. Moral of the story- REVISE WITH A CLOCK! If you pass the selection process it's about a four month wait until you enter service from when you sit the test. Good Luck.
  5. Brilliant, thanks for all your help.

    I've just bought the said book from Amazon.

    I scored well above the needed percentage when I took my aptitude test for the RAF so hopefully this will be the same.

    4 months? does that include the fitness tests etc. etc.? or is it 4 months wait before I can sit the fitness tests, training etc?

    Again, thanks a lot.

  6. It varies a LOT. Depends on your AFCO's schedule and how long it takes for your security clearance to come through.
  7. Righto, we'll see if I'm able to join then.. had problems with the Army due to weight issues - 6ft 2, slim - big build, but apparently overweight.

    Been losing weight for 4 months now so another 4 won't hurt hey.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Good to see you've got the book, Ben. (Don't let it put you off- it's harder than the test, as I said). Security Clearance takes about 6 to 8 weeks from submission to the Defence Vetting Agency. If you follow the RN Pre-joining Fitness Program (again free from your AFCO) religiously, you will get fit enough in about 8 weeks assuming your BMI is within tolerance. The four months wait is the same whichever AFCO you go to, assuming you pass all stages of the selection process. Your Pre-Joining Fitness Test - 2.4 Km run on treadmill in under 12 mins 20 secs (If you're under 24) must be taken within 28 days of passing your medical examination. Again, best of luck.
  9. Should not be a problem as I was training for the 2.4km in 10 mins 30 for the Army and am at around 11:34 last time I had a run.

    What is the BMI for the Royal Navy? could not see it on the website but I guess its the 28.8?

    Again, thanks.
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Not sure of the BMI off the top of my head, best bet is call into the AFCO, they should be able to tell you. I'd imagine it's simlar to the Army & RAF, if not the same.

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