Just a quick Situps question!

Hey, Just a quick one for anyone whos listening!
I beleve that the at HMS Raleigh 39 situps is the test, and wanted to simpally know if someone is holding your feet or just normal style..

:rendeer: ^_^; ToasT :whew: :rendeer:


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In other words your feet are either tucked under a wall- bar or held by an obliging individual who will hope you reciprocate the favour.
can someone tell me if the situps they want you to do are technically crunches or not? cos some people do crunches thinking they are situps so....

also 39 situps? easy! 39 situps with feet held? thats hardly even using your abs!


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Someone is holding your feet (knees either side of feet and hands pushing down on ankles). It's to a bleep, which mysteriously and annoyingly seems to change its timing every so often.

Dead easy.
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