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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by dave2965, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. Im leaving for raleigh next sunday im joining up as an et(mesm) and was just wondering if i were to be drafted to V boats for my sea going training would it make it harder to get a draft to S,T or A boats later on in my career? thanks in advance.
  2. "Are you serious"? as McEnroe used to say. You are joking aren't you? The last "S", "T" and "A" boats went out of service in the 70's! The only boat you'll see me'lad will be a nuke of one sort or another.

    By the way, what's an "et(mesm)"? Didn't have such rates in my day :sleepy:
  3. You are showing your age cheddar man, the new S T and A boats are all nuclear, I was lucky enough to serve the full commission on the last of the A boats in 1970 to 1975 Andrew.
    I think the laddy refers to Superb, Sceptre etc or Trafalgar,Trenchant or the new Astutes.
  4. Come on CC surely you know that these days S stands for Switsure class, T for Trafalgar class, and A for Astute, all the very nicest nukey poos. You will give s old farts a bad name.
  5. Heh Heh Heh! Just keeping you guys on your toes!

    (actually, just had a senior moment) :frustrated:
  6. Common enough round here, have fun.
  7. So there's your answer dave2965.

  8. Dave, if you're joining up on Sunday, will they send you on a Trident patrol for your sea training?? Time you get back to Raleigh most of your classmates will be Chiefs!!
    geoff(ers) :nemo:
  9. Once you have encountered the joys of serving on a V boat you wont want to go back in time to serve on those SSN dinosaurs (S&T) and the A boats will still be parked up in Barrow when you leave.............possibly.
  10. Seing as the last of the S boats are about to be paid off i wouldn't worry about being drafted to one of them, youd be damned unlucky. And seeing as the A class are still being overbilled for in barrow i think you'll only have to worry on T or V, hehehehe

    Runs away sniggering
  11. As you're an ME and not a WE, then getting a draft to an SSN after an SSBN isn't going to be impossible. When you fill in your preferences on JPA (an admin system you'll soon find out all about) you can make your wishes known. Whether that'll get you an SSN draft depends on what's available at the time.

  12. Dont you mean a CRAFT moment (Carnt Remember A F****ing Thing) :dwarf:
  13. No, V-boat experience could make transition to A-boats easier (similar kit). Going North (V-boats) at this stage will make it quicker to qualify (bit of back log down South at the moment) so quicker to get your "golden hello" and quicker to start your MEMOC task book training. Potentially, a slight advantage in the promotion stakes, but that's a bit of speculation at the moment. Going to one class early doesn't make it harder to change to another class later.
    You're unlikely to go to S-boats.

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