Just a question regarding the initial officer interview


Apparently I have the academic requirements for officer entry so there's no need for me to conduct the psychometric test (yay). Anyway I now have my first meeting in the AFCO. I understand this is a more informal talk and not the full interview conducted after the medical and PJFT are passed . My question is what am I expected to wear for this initial career discussion? On the phone and through the recruitment portal it was emphasised that this was more an informal and informational chat and I'm not sure now if I'm expected to wear a suit or not. I wasn't planning to wear a full suit but if it's expected at this stage I'll adjust my fashion plans. Any help or advice would be appreciated


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The old adage first impressions count might be appropriate here.

If it was me, suit and tie. If you can’t afford that or don’t own one - smart casual (no ripped jeans etc).

Although informal in its tone, it will still be assessed by your attitude and answers as this will all go on your file.

Good luck.

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