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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by otherguy, Sep 24, 2010.

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  1. hello everybody

    I have been looking through this site for a while gathering information finally signed up as i'm in the recruitment process now. :)

    i had my I.C.P the other day and this morning i have recieved the date for my recruitment/psycometric test. I have brought loads of books from amazon, been on bbc bitesize website and going on the nintendo ds braintraining lol. just need to be alot quicker at answering the questions and generally brush up on the subjects.

    im 23 and if all goes well im hoping i will become a communication and information systems specialist (cis).
  2. Welcome to the site, and good luck with your application.
  3. Hello! :) I'm applying for CIS too. There are some good threads on here that can advise what you need to revise for your RT.! My biggest thing was Math but I found the Bitesize website really helpful! Good luck.!
  4. Welcome mate. Best of luck :)
  5. thanks guys!
  6. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer


    If you're the other guy, who's that in my cellar?
  7. Me, and its cold down here.

    And while your selection of fine wines and wifi signal is superb, telling me it was "suprise sex" isnt going to help when it gets to court.
  8. Hellooo welcome to RR :)

    im also going in as CIS!
    i applied Dec '09.

    good luck with everything!
  9. Thank god!!!! I passed my recruitment test today very very happy.

    anybody who says its easy, it really is not the time just flies by.

    now is the long wait
  10. Welcome aboard and I am an ex Communcations bod. Good luck.
  11. As can be seen by your avatar :wink: :D
  12. Ditto, but then proceeded to the dark side where I remain!
  13. I can assure you that Brig's avatar is absolutely not his behind. I have seen it and it is much less pert.
  14. Not what you said last time you had a hand on it! :D
  15. Welcome on board, buckle up and enjoy the ride!!!

    And Blackrats cellar!!
  16. I have so never touched your arse! You are clearly delusional again!
  17. I hope you aint been two timing me Rosie.specially with another stoker :D
  18. Hello and welcome to RR

    Good luck with your application :D
  19. Well Done!
  20. Oo brig is not a stoker! Wash your mouth out!!

    Ps I regret there are indeed two other stokers in my life! One is my husband and one is someone elses husband!

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