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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by willmuse, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. As some of you know i'm off to Raleigh to start my WE(SM) training ( after basic of course) I just have a few questions for you guys & girls!

    1. Do I become a able rating after i've got my dolphins and how long would it take to become leading rating ( on average )

    2. Can you become an officer from a rating??

    3. Because( hopefully) i'll become a proud submariner do I get to serve on boats alot? or will I just be stuck at shore!?

    Thanks guys.

    These questions I could not get answered on the RN site!

  2. Firstly, you've both an 'S' and a 'M' in your name. Is that allowed seeing as you're not a submariner ;)

    Going Officer from Rating is VERY difficult but not impossible.
    How long it takes to become a Leading Hand depends purely on you.
    As for serving on Boats mate, haven't a clue :)
  3. Ha that didn't answer anything - thanks anyway though

    Any one got any ideas???

  4. PMSL mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. can i post in here?????????????????????????/
  6. ETME Yes you can, and willmuse you will probably be joining with me.
  7. Ok buddy .after your training you will go to the RNSMS to learn about whatever type of submarine your about to be drafted to. You will also do the escape tank. You will then get drafted to your first boat. Whilst you are on this , you will have to pass something called a ''part 3'' this will cover all the systems on the submarine and you will have a few walk rounds with members of the crew to test your knowledge. When you have finished this .You will then be awarded your Dolphins and then and ONLY then you can call your self a submariner.

    As for the officer stuff ,sorry mate not sure.
  8. Thanks deeps

    How long does part 3 take? A while i'm guessing

    Any one know about leading hand and how long it takes on average if you work at it? and what do you have to do to get promoted?
  9. It depends on if the boat you are joining is going to sea. I would think somewhere around 2-3 months mate.If you join a boat thats in maint,you will get a load draft to another seagoing boat to your part 3 done.
  10. ohhh right! Are you an able rating once you've got your dolphins??

    Still any idea how long it takes to become leading hand on average??? ha
  11. I am out of date mate, but no you dont need to be an ''able rate'' to get your Dolphins.OD's passed all the time when I was in.
  12. OD's don't exist any more deeps your classed as a AB after you pass phase 2
  13. I don't think he's been answered about the "going out on boats a lot".

    I can contribute a small amount; WillMuSe, it all depends on the type of boat you serve on.

    V-Class go under for 3 months solid with no rising about once every 9 months (So I've been told) and T and S-Class both go on various tours for various amounts of times stopping off now and again in various different places.

    Guess which I'm hoping to get drafted to?
  14. Will, here's a snippet from a PM Ninja sent me - I asked pretty much the same questions. (Hope he doesn't mind me posting).

    I'm joining the Surface Fleet as a CIS Specialist so not all of it is relevant but some of it might be transferable.

    Hope that helps.
  15. It was different in my day (diesel = proper boats!) - took me about 5 years after joining boats to get my hook. In those days it was pretty much "dead mans shoes", ie, waiting for someone to be drafted off the boat, and a vacant rate becoming available.
  16. 1. It’s very hard to give a time scale as to when you’d be likely to become a L/H because there are too many variables to take into account.

    2. Yes, you can become an officer from being a rating. Assuming you want to stay WE, you would need to gain a suitable technical qualification.

    3. As it stands, once you’re qualified (and not medically downgraded), you won’t spend long “stuck†ashore. Different boats work different routines, so how many days per year you actually spend at sea will depend on which particular boat you join.


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