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Just a couple of questions that I have. It is to my understanding that under some circumstances that the navy will fly you back home if on deployment. Like if one of your immediate family members is on the death bed. Do they fly you back if your wife/partner is going into laybour?

Secondly what are the marriage quarters like? As my current partner and I are discussing marriage and life around the navy and were wondering what the quarters are like and how the navy help family's with members that are currently serving.




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In the event there are compassionate grounds whereby it is recommended by Naval Personal Family Services that an individual operationally deployed, should ideally return home, the unit Commanding Officer has the discretion to release personnel if it is feasible and in the best interests of the individual. It is not guaranteed and equally, the needs of the service may take preference. Wherever possible, the service does what it can - for example when my Mum was terminally ill and I was enroute to New York on HMS Illustrious, 100 miles out to sea, I was at her bedside within 4 hours of the ship receiving notification. Had we been mid Atlantic, it would not have been possible.

Married quarters are, in the main, solidly built, comfortable, well maintained houses, often similar in appearance to local council housing stock. They are not luxurious, but are about half the price to rent than local privately rented accommodation. Married personnel & those with sole custody or joint carers of dependent children are eligible. Couples not married, without children, are not usually eligible for Service Family Accommodation.

Details here: https://www.gov.uk/defence-infrastructure-organisation-service-family-accommodation
I flew out to Yuma Arizona (crab, spit, air) on arrival after 6 days one of the guys had found out that his gran had died. He was put back on the Tristar and sent home with the crew.

I suppose it depends on the rank of family member and what kind if deployment you are on?

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