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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by safcluke1125, May 8, 2009.

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  1. Hi there ive been looking at this forum for a few months now and decided to sign up, its been a very helpful website so far. Just to say ive applied to go into the Navy as CIS. Ive got my interview next week and im quite confident on that but just wanted to ask a couple of questions to help me out abit more, any help is much appreciated.

    What kind of ships will i be mostly working on?
    WHat countries am i most likely to travel to?
    and could someone tell me a little bit more information on what the job entails, other than the stuff listed on the navy website.

    Im also just wondering what time you are made to get out of bed at Raliegh, this may sound a stupid question, but im not really a morning person and would just like to get myself into a routine if i do make it that far which im hopeful i will.
  2. AHAHAHA, lets just say you'll be eating breakfast at 6.
  3. not good, think im going to have to work on getting up early haha
  4. Hi,

    CIS branch deal with all aspects of electronic communications. Internal ships comms like E-mail and intranet connections. They also deal with all external comms sucgh as satillite, high frequency comms back to the UK and connections to the ships around. They allow other personnel around the ship to maintain voice comms with other units. They do a lot of shift work as the comms needs to be maintained 24/7. You will get access to a lot of information about the future programme of your ship and peoples personal stuff, so you need to be able to be very discrete about this sort of info.

    When you do work shore side it will mainly be in Communications centres in the UK or abroad (Gibraltar, Portugal or Naples-to name a few).

    Hope this give you a little more insight into what the CIS branch does.



  5. thanks for that super mario.

    Just wonderng what other people on this board think about CIS and is it a good place to work within the royal navy?
  6. Not a morning person ... ? You'd better let them know as soon as you join then in case they try and get you up too early.
  7. Don't worry. You'll be given a shake every morning:

  8. VGSP, half way down with the lips. :D
  9. :lol: Classic

  10. aye cheers mate, ill let them no straight away
  11. I've been thinking again about you not being a morning person.

    Make sure that you tell them as soon as possible that the morning is out of the question. By the sound of things, so is the middle and whoever is doing the morning will need to know that you are going to turn up adrift for the forenoon every now and then.

    On the positive side, tell them, you'll be OK with the afternoon, dogs and first so long as you're not alongside somewhere. Obviously then, the first will also be a non-starter.

    Start as you mean to go on I say.

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