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Discussion in 'RMR' started by lovenest, Apr 26, 2006.

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  1. Hi everybody

    I'm intrested in joining the RMR. I just wondering as a reservist which commando would i join, as in 40, 42,or 45 or can I ask depending on my preference Also what are the differences between the three?


    Also, I went on a meet the marines day last year and chatted to a few marines about becoming a sniper. They said that amongst other things that a sniper needs excellent 'static' navigation skills, how is this different than regular navigation

    sorry if the questions seem silly but really don't have a clue, expect a lot more questions in future.

    keep it green.
  2. As a reservest you will only join 40, 42 or 45 in times of war when they need you. You will be trained at maintained at your local detachement (either London, Tyne, Bristol, Merseyside or Scotland).
  3. Thanks for that one. As far as I know Merseyside Det. only has a selection weekend once a year in September but I'm sure that I read on another forum that there was a selection weekend in June. Any know if this is right?
  4. Depends which Det you are talking about...Some background,...RMR is, as carl points out, independent from the Corps structure. So unless you opt to go on active service, you will be a member of your local detachment. They are spread around the country and operate independent of each other, but to same standards. RMR Mersey has three dets - Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham (HQ in LP). They may well have an induction in Sept which is usual for most dets country wide - but this does not prevent you from joining Holding Troop which is your opportunity to get a head start before the fun begins. Call you local detachment and ask to speak to their Training Officer about it, he will offer no obligation advice etc.

  5. I would concentrate on getting through basics before deciding to be a sniper and what unit you will be joining etc.

    Many join many leave either voluntary or SNLR. I have seen peoples leave on phase one never mind phase two or whatever it is called these days.

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