Just a bit of info required about Physical Requirements!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Daniel., Oct 21, 2007.

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  1. Hello my 1st post here and I just require a little bit of information.

    Well basically I have Colour Deficiency (partly colour blind) and I was wondering if this would stop me from joining the Royal Navy, especially as a Rating in the Submarine area specifically. So if anyone could give me info on what careers I can do as a Submariner and what I can't do it would be great of you.

    Also before I apply I would like to know the required weight just to start getting into some good shape and get a good diet going.

    I would be very, very happy for any of you to help me out with this and thankyou in advance

  2. So lets get this straight;
    A) You're colour blind
    B) You're unfit
    C) You're a fat knacker
    D) You're easily pleased.
    I think your chances of serving in one of HMs Submarines are therefore excellent.
    Sorry mate just pulling your leg, I'm sure the Ninja Stoker or even a cuddly Submariner will be along shortly to give you some gen advice.
  3. Haha :p Well I have a very low level of Colour Blindess and I'm a little under weight but still got some growing to do so thats no worry, I'm just a bit curious as to what jobs are ruled out in the submarine ratings, I'm pretty sure it's just the Engineers due to the numerous wires varying in colours.

    I thought you was serious at 1st, duh stupid me :(

    Thanks for reply anyways, would be nice to see some more :D
  4. probably best askin ninja stoker on this 1 m8 he seems to be the brains on this site buddy
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    Hello Daniel, welcome to RR.

    The quick & easy answer to your queries is to follow the link to Your nearest Careers Office, give them a ring & see what they say.

    They'll probably say something along the lines that only the Medical Officer is qualified to give you the correct advice, which in itself is more or less what I'd advise too.

    With colour blindness there are various gradings, dependent on trade, some of which are acceptable as you already understand. The Warfare specialisations have the most stringent standards due in part to Board of Trade standards for navigation. Surprisingly, the Engineering trades have a lesser standard of colour perception, (as do the Logistics & Medical trades) - it used to be quite stringent due to the colour coding of wiring looms until some genius thought up the method of numbering cables. (The only snag now is if you're dyslexic & colour blind). The acceptable standards of colour perception can only be identified at your medical examination conducted by a qualified Medical Officer.

    Again the acceptable Body Mass Index (BMI) limits are advised by the Medical Officer, however there is nothing stopping you getting in touch with your own General Practitioner (GP) to ask them to give you a sensible target weight. You could, on medical advice, (so's you don't keel-over with a heart attack!) follow the following RN Fitness Programme

    If you are over 15 years & 9 months you may start the application process whilst still at school, however you may not join the service until the last GCSE has been taken for the Year 11 group you are in (even if you don't take GCSE's).

    If you're over 15 years 9 months, you would be well advised to get in touch with your local Armed Forces Careers Office (AFCO) to get the process started, rather than the long wait later.

    The very best of luck to you.
  6. Thanks for the replies, nice to hear theres something available, I am kind of thinking along the lines of communication/it/logistics, and I'm not dyslexic either. My actual vision is very good and tbh I don't think I have a bad colour problem.

    My health in general is very good and I will soon get in contact with someone more proffesional to see which areas are ruled out etc.
  7. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    hello Daniel,,i ve been a greenie for 18years and i m badly colour blind. If you know your colour blind you must have taken the test where your shown a book and you have to pick out the numbers. I can see the numbers on the first couple of pages and then it becomes a blur. Just after completing basic training i was sent to see a doctor whose test to determine if i was suitable for electrical training was to hand me a cable consisting of about 50 different coloured cable. He asked me to pick out the colours he said, and i had no problems.
    A couple of facts about being colour blind.
    1. You ll never be one of the fly boys or there spotters.
    2. Being colour blind does nt mean you can t see colours, take the colour blue, there is various shades of blue and it becomes difficult to pick out blue when its at its extreme shades, dark or light. Depending on the shade and surrounding light someone who is colour blind might see it as a light green for light shades or black for dark shades.
    3.Here the facts might go out of the window, i m sure it only effects us men.

    Its one of those things and its never really effected me in my job.
    good luck
  8. Thanks witsend, thats relieved me a lot now :)

    I had to do the same test as you I believe, where they went through various pages of a book whilst picking out the numbers shown in each circle. I am not that badly colour blind, I can see about 75% of the pages, its just mainly with some yellow colours etc I think.

    Hopefully I will be okay with Communications/IT/Logistics etc with my issue.

    Well it's very good to know that there are possibilities out there for me in the Royal Navy. wtsend did you find the test to see the wires very easy, like was it a lot easier than viewing the number from the colour test book?

    Once again, cheers :thumright:

    I am going to pop in the Careers Office before Christmas hopefully as there doesn't seem to be much work where I live which is annoying, just because I have not had a Job before they rule you out which is a nuisance until I read up on the Navy which sounds for me.
  9. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Glad to be a help,,,if you can read 75% of that book you ll be fine, like i said i can only make the numbers out on the first couple of pages but my dodgy colours are the green brown blue spectrum. If you have any younger brothers or sisters then look at there colouring in pens and pick the colours out. This is similar to the cable test i was given. Happy job hunting and good luck.
  10. Ah thats easy then, just need to chat with Careers Officer to decide what my best area would be.

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