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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mac76, Mar 4, 2010.

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  1. Basic Training quotations !!
    For example.....

    The balls in your court....

    Your in your own time now people.....

    Look at the bigger picture...

    The doors always open....

    Your Mum isn't here to wipe your arse anymore....
  2. Re: Just a bit of fun, service quotations !!!

    But they're not really are they?
  3. Re: Just a bit of fun, service quotations !!!

    They were when i was in thats all they used say to us. That and a few more, like i said a bit of fun nothing serious.
  4. Re: Just a bit of fun, service quotations !!!

    Sea Harrier Squadron CO addressing groundcrew "This MBE I have just received, its not for me but for ALL of you for YOUR hard efforts!!!"

    From the back of a CLD, "can I sign it out sir i'm off to a wedding in September?!!!!"
  5. What about



    "Stand still while you're marching! (!!!)

    "You can ALL Standy By"

    Oh how we laughed
  6. My favourite quote which I seem to be using on an almost daily basis at the moment.

    ''Oh I'm sorry, you appear to have me confused with someone who gives a fcuk.''
  7. Where's your hat?

    In my pocket!!

    Why is it not on your head?

    Cos i can't get my head in my pocket!!!
  8. 'Am I hurting you sonny ?'

    ' No Sir'

    ' Well I should be as I'm stood on your fcuking hair'
  9. Church parade it was always. Roman Candles fall out. Until one day Sgt Murphy was around. I take a great offence at that statement he sobbed. Do I give a fcuk was the reply..
  10. Drill is a Pill that should be taken daily!!!
  11. Its only pain!!! :twisted: DO

    I know but it fcuking hurts!!! :evil: Me half way up Faith, Hope and Charity.
  12. If you carnt take a joke you shouldnt have joined up.
  13. I like the one regaled by Spike Milligan,
    " Silence when you're talking to an officer ! "
  14. Your in your own time now...I've got salad for tea and my missus is ugly!
    Burble burble cliche.
  15. ''I will f**king have you here till your eyes bleed'' Cant name names but as a nod he scared the shit out of me.
  16. On seeing those two good people win 56,000,000 quid on the
    lottery, I got all jealous and hacked off.

    "Money can't buy you happiness", quoted my good lady wife.

    "The give me 56,000,000 quids worth of fu**ing MISERY then", said I.

    I was wiping fish pie off the kitchen units after that remark and I
    slept in the shed.

    I dunno....no sense of humour - some people.

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