Just a bit of clarification with regards system engineer cadet officer recruitment


Hi. I am just looking for a bit of clarification with regards Systems engineer cadet officer recruitment? I have only just applied, received a email saying they would like me to attend a rt interview, at my local careers office. Not even had a date for that yet, so very early days; for me. I have gone through the navy careers site, this site and numerous others on Google. But I seem to be getting conflicting information. I would just like to know, if I pass the rt. What are the next stages in the process one by one and a estimated timescale to this process? Is it Rt, sift, medical (does my doctor do this or do I have to go somewhere), eye test and then AIB? Is there a pre-fitness or is it just a beep test at the AIB? As I am in work and it's mentally busy, I am going to struggle getting much time off before the start of August. So I am just trying to clarify the process.
A last note, I have a B12 injection once every 3 months. Is this going to be a barrier to joining, would anybody know? It's not exactly diabetes and if I have to wait 4 months between injections. It will be no great hardship. Any answers to one or both of the above, would be greatly appreciated.


the RT is a psychometric test...if you pass you go to a Sift Interview at Pompey. Pass at Pompey= place at AIB and if you pass AIB you then have the security/ medical checks. You have to arrange to see an ENG1 Doctor approved by the MCA for the medical, whilst Defence Business Services do the security checks. Fitness test at AIB is a 2.4km run...no bleep test anymore! There are so many posts on this site relating to the joining process...just type in 'sift interview' and there are many guides on how to make the best impression, or visit www.gandgatsea.wordpress.com for my advice :)

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