Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Feb 13, 2007.

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  1. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    "All right, I haven't got diabetes, and I haven't got heart disease now, but who's to say in a couple of years' time that I could have it if I don't have this operation?

    "This operation is going to save my life. And this is what I need."

    No what you need is a diet and some exercise!

    "I feel if I leave the house people are staring at me and they are all laughing"

    That's because they are!

    My heart bleeds purple p*ss.....
  2. As she never leaves the house it should be quite easy for her husband to put her ion a strict diet. Oh I forget he is probably claiming benefits as her carer so if he got her weight reduced then these would stop.
  3. She is 24 years old and weighs 32 stone? That is ridiculous.
  4. Told 'em...take the "C" off Chips and what have you got.....?
    Fat Barstwerd!! :shock: :lol:
  5. Actually, it's good to see a PCT turning down a request like this. Fattie got herself in that shape, let her lose the weight herself!

    Stapling her gut won't help - she'll just keep eating the pies and pizzas until she bursts. What's more likely is that she'll scoff even more to get to the weight where she will be given the op.

    How about flying her out to Sudan - she could keep the population well fed for years!
  6. how about stopping her benefits.......couldnt afford junk food then !!
  7. Oh gawwwd. I know some people do have real food issues (oh go on, i'm being PC here), but seriously, bariatric surgery is a very big deal. The complications can be deadly. People have died from malabsorption of various essential nutrients. And all because you can't go for a walk and stop eating Greggs' sausage rolls? Drives me mad, because most people eat reasonably and exercise well and these others can't see it. They think it's luck and that food creeps into their mouths at night. And if i go into one more shop and can't find any size 8 clothes, i will wreck the place, i swear. Just because people can't be bothered to realise that we are not all fat.
  8. Why dont they wire her gob shut?Cant cost too much and will achieve the desired result!
  9. welsh and 32 stone - normally i van sya that Ive done worse but cant now.

    oh wait

    detatchment to Culdrose early 90s.

    sod i have done worse
  10. Fuck her. Let her die. :twisted:

    View her as an unsalvageable case.
  11. You'd have to find it first.......doesn't bear thinking about!
  12. You don't know the old dip them in flour and look for the wet patch method then?
  13. This level of laziness and lack of self respect angers me. Lazy lazy lazy sloth!
    Just a slow suicide is all it is.
    Hey, maybe her hubby is one of those "feeders"
  14. When i was at school (eons ago) a woman in the next street died. She lived on the third floor and a crane had to be hired to lift her body off the balcony because the undertaker could not get her down the stairs, she was that big. Somewhere in the region of 40 stone!!!
  15. Giving the lass a 9mm headache would be far better solution IMHO.
  16. It has just been annouced that our local Council has approved the building of about 200 whoopy size wind turbines on our lovely island. These I'am sure will improve the landscape no end but the decision got me thinking somewhat.

    Why not build 200 industrial size underground treadmills and link them to "green" generators, import the nations fatties to run around them like demented hamsters and solve a number of issues at once. The landscape would not be blighted by massive towers, renewable energy would be produced and the fatties would become skinnies thus saving their greedy lives. The power generated could then be fed into the national grid and used at a discounted rate by the cash strapped NHS.

    I knew there was a genius trapped in this frail body somewhere.

    Pol :wink:
  17. I think i can answer that, Polar.

    Because they couldn't walk, let alone run, for even a mile and we would go without electricity! Unless we go for the carrot-on-a-stick approach. With cakes.

  18. Thanks for that "snaps" , your so kind , feel quite sick , bet they suffer from FOS as well , aaaaarrrrgggghhhh

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