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Discussion in 'RFA' started by Cap-H, Sep 19, 2015.

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  1. Anyone have any idea of how much space you have in your accommodation for storing clothes n stuff? Doesn't really say on the joining instructions about how much civvie clothes etc to take just sais bring your own personal kit and towels. Cheers
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  2. Cap-H
    I can live out a bag, I got same instructions so have just planned for none!
  3. Good approach lol wasn't planning on taking much, just wondered if there was a limit.
  4. Carrier bag should be fine lol when do you start?
  5. 27th Sep I've to be there, 28th I start, chef apprenticeship, you? Yeah your probably right lol ain't showing up with my 5p bag from costcutter though haha
  6. Head down tomorrow as D/Hand App, so will DM you ref set up if you want?
  7. Sounds good, how long is your course?
  8. Ten weeks you?
  9. 26 weeks, just sais initial training is at Raleigh, week 5-26 is the chef course, before that is induction and functional skills.
  10. Same across the board I think for initial so will no doubt meet up
  11. Yeah thought so, more than likely:)
  12. I'm at Sultan just now, were in 4 man mess's and you get two lockers and two smaller overhead cupboards. I'ts more than enough to be honest.

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