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Discussion in 'UPO/Careers Office' started by Zoidberg, Jul 13, 2013.

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  1. Does leadership have a time limit to get picked up if you do it before getting on the signal before it runs out? Or is it a case of once it's done, it's done?
  2. When I did it in 96, it was a case of its done. The same goes for POLC or SRCC as they call it now. As far as I am aware it never runs out and appears as completed on your JPA competences
  3. Once done it's done. Though they do give priority to those picked up. I did my killicks one before getting selected. Though it was B13 back then. Meant the day I finished LD's course I got my rate. Go for it though it will always help to have done it. Plus it's out of the way, 'cos it is ****ing shit and the whole "academy" sucks a big dogs cock.
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  4. Cheers, guys. I've heard different dits about having two years to get picked up etc. But I was always under the impression that once you've been on the signal you have two years to get your leadership out the way before being deselected.

    I'm going to try and get it done before going on draft.
  5. Be advised I've been out a short while and maybe be feeding you duff info. Ask the duty LogO on here.
  6. Once LRLC is done it's done.

    You have two years once selected for promotion to get all the courses done or deselection happens

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  7. It's kind of right.

    You're supposed to complete LRLC by the time of the Common Promotion Date (CPD), which can be anything from a year to 18 months from the point that you're on the signal. Extensions are given when there extenuating reasons, such as service commitment, pregnancy/maternity leave or any other reason deemed appropriate. Some courses have LRLC chucked in as a bonus for the professional course. But the usual answer is that all courses are to be completed by the CPD, as per the instructions on the signal.
  8. As stated before, once it's passed it's passed. If you attempt LRCC before you've been selected for promotion, it's essentially a free trial, whereby if you fail it, it won't count as a strike against you. If you have already been selected you will only get two attempts at it and should you fail twice, you will be deselected. It doesn't happen too often but it's not unheard of. A nurse in my LRCC intake failed twice. Don't know what happened to him after that but can't imagine he stayed as an AB Nurse. If you can be spared from work, you can opt to turn up as a standby. You always get people not turning up for whatever reason and there are always gaps. Just make sure that whenever you do it, you can confidently pass your rnft and you have your lectures finished, practiced repeatedly and last within the time frame. Good luck!

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  9. Why the **** would you need to do it twice. In fact how the **** can you fail it full stop?
  10. sgtpepperband

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    Plagiarism? Good tip to Killick Tas Apes on POLC - if you're gonna borrow your mate's presentation, make sure you take his name off the title slide... :oops: :twisted:
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  11. Actually you're bang right! On my POLC (or what ever it is those bell ends in the academy call it now) there was a killick reg and chef (IIRC) who got kicked off for it. His nick name had something to do with sea animals and you have it with chips He was an SIB sort. You must know him????

    Hand on heart not sure they did copy each other as we never really got the dit. They just got called out and were not seen again!
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  12. Unbelievble! There's a reason they are/were called TAS Apes!
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  13. redmonkey

    redmonkey Badgeman Book Reviewer

    They can fail you for all sorts of reasons, cheating, not putting the required effort in, failing the fitness test or even attitude and personality if they don't like you for some reason.

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  14. Ok. You must be a right duffer to fail it. Quite frankly my POLC was embarrassing! I was mess press for LRCC and POLC. Yet had zero interest as it was a friggin joke. Collecting water on an imaginary map in two class rooms! Bet the army and booties must piss themselves at that!
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  15. This is true. I believe they have it as a catch all term of Holistics. I had a bit of a personality clash with the RM WO on my second attempt at LRLC prior to my achilles tendon going for the second time and I was fuming at him effectively accusing me of malingering when a) he wasn't medically qualified to do so, b) I had the same injury occur the previous year and there were staff who could back up on what had happened. He is, to be fair, a driven person and I have a tendency to coast through life. I actually joined the mob because it looked like something to do rather than work in retail for the rest of my natural.I do look forward to going back in July 14 though (my course date), because his recommendation was for me not to go back on course unless selected. I had the gall, for the first time ever, to turn around and say "Well, see you next year sir." His face was a picture to say the least! Well, just to confirm, I will see you next year sir!
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  16. The most common reason for 'failing' these days is not passing the RN fitness test on the first day.
  17. Again. Pathetic. You're on the military!
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  18. I think I'm turning into an old duffer as I'm starting to recall a few stories... but on my first LRLC attempt I watched one guy pull up with back pain on being overtaken by a girl (who later had to be RTU'ed because she really buggered up her knees on part of the course) and there was also the submariner who managed to run 1.5 miles in a quite impressive 25 minutes.
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Yep, I know him... :wink:

    Bit of a thread drift from LRLC/POLC but it is about plagiarism.

    Two lads from the MPGS Platoon at a large naval warfare training establishment near Fareham - no names, no pack drill - attended the Basic Guarding Course at MOD Southwick Park. "Soldier A" was a nice-but-dim ex-TA and the other, "Soldier B" was a time done (plus a bit) ex-matelot. The week-long course is not difficult, just a bit of refresher training. Soldier A was mentally challenged with regards his Reading, Riting and Rithmatic so made sure that he sat next to Soldier B, to make sure he could see the answers on his - extremely easy - exam paper (example question: What is the size of cordon for a small package IED? A: 100m B: Tuna fish C: Anne Widdecombe D: per Mere Per Terram.) :oops:

    An hour later, Soldiers A and B were hauled into the SNCO's Office. "Which one of you two feckin' clowns is **** ******?"
    Soldier B: "Me, Sir!"
    SNCO: "Okay, you've passed. Well done and about turn..." :salut:
    SNCO (to Soldier B): "Right, listen 'ere, ****nuts. If you're going to copy somebody's exam paper, at least have the common sense to put your own feckin' name at the top of the sheet! RTU, do not pass Go, do not collect £200. Get out of my office!!"

    :oops: :twisted:
  20. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    One failed on my ( then) LRLC. He was the one ridiculing the idea that the course would make him a better leading hand. He was right, he was beyond help.

    On my (then) POLC another failure was due to a staggering lack of fitness obvious from the first bleep test. There was a shit storm about how he was passed fit by unit PT and medical. DS had packed the superanerobic chap's kit before the rest of us got back from the first 5 mile squad run. Puffy was in sickbay. Poor bugger took the big stand easy a few years ago.

    On both, several candidates came close to failing for recycling presentations. The DS have a long corporate memory, both recorded and personal. The cheats - because that's what they are - received some extra projects from the ever resourceful DS and got to stay.

    Both courses done at Royal Arthur. I enjoyed both of them immensely.

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