Junior Ranks should get £6K pay rise to boost morale - Clegg

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by thingy, Sep 2, 2009.

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  1. Re: Junior Ranks should get £6K pay rise to boost morale -

    I disagree to be honest. The Junior ranks are being perpetually rewarded. They have already had a pay rise, they are first to get improved accommodation, FRI's etc. By narrowing the pay gap between JR's and SR's even further you lose the incentive to be promoted and take on the extra work and responsibility.

    We join up knowing what we are expected to do and accept the wage offered, it's not sprung on you how much your salary is and we are not lied to by the careers office.

    Like it or not, we are ALL well paid for what we do especially when you consider most require no qualifications to join up, this is reflected in the large amounts of people joining up. Those joining see it as an acceptable trade off, and so do I.
  2. Nick Clegg is electioneering again.
  3. Re: Junior Ranks should get £6K pay rise to boost morale -

    I see it as an injustice that police officers and firefighters just out of training should be paid considerably more than Armed Forces personnel who have just passed out, Clegg got that bit right but he can say what he likes as the Lib Dems won’t be taking power and he knows it.
  4. Out of interest, though, are the wages not so low for junior ratings because they have a lot subsidised? I personally think £840 (I think it's £840) per month in my pocket whilst at Raleigh is a fcuking good deal.
  5. Ye gods to the best of my recollection I got £6.50 a week, midst you that was when a quid was worth something.
  6. While at Raleigh yeah, £840 a month is an unspendable amount of cash, however once you get out into the big bad world and want to live an adult life it doesn't go all that far.

    I don't think a pay rise would improve morale all that much in the long term, it'll make jack happy for the first 6 months but then we'll all find more ways to spend said cash. Meanwhile we'll still be getting worked stupid often in shit conditions with equipment which is very rarely 100% up to scratch.
  7. I agree with MLP. Of course we all want more money but in all honesty the average matelot is quite well paid compared to his civvy counterparts. I know that Jack often spends months away from home out on the wide grey crinkly stuff (it's what we joined up for), works in some unsavoury conditions and can suffer a number of hardships but there are a number of benefits that most civvies don't get that are worth a fair bit. Take the free medical and dental care as an example. Civvies pay through the nose for dental treatment and medication. Don't forget half day Fridays and buckshee M&Ms, GYH travel allowances and home-to-duties etc.

    When I went through resettlement I was told that a civvy working year is reckoned to be about 260 days. Now servicemen get paid 365 days a year but certainly don't work every day; so take your annual salary, divide it by 365 and multiply it by 260 to find out your equivalent salary as a civvy, as a ballpark figure. You may also find that civvy jobs require higher qualifications compared to those the average matelot has for doing a similar job, and offer lower pay.

    And Fink, why do you feel the need to slag off the police and fire service because they happen to be reasonably well paid? You didn't mention nursing staff or other health care professionals. Is it a left wing thing defending the health service and hating the forces of law and order? All of these people are there for our benefit. I'd much rather you question the salaries of those who have a more questionable value to society such as c-list celebrities and overpaid sports stars.
  8. Re: Junior Ranks should get £6K pay rise to boost morale -

    Clegg, of course, draws upon the immense wealth of military knowledge and experience the LibDems possess. We must take it for granted that he would increase the Defence Budget accordingly for his, clearly, heart felt expression of largess.

    The man's a posturing idiot. Montigny_La_Palisse summed this "gesture" up very well.
  9. Re: Junior Ranks should get £6K pay rise to boost morale -

    When I joined in 1963 we were paid £14 a fortnight, now as I had come from a civie jop paying £6 a week this was a fortune. However I did not join for the pay joined because in my opinion the services would teach me a trade and prepare me for when I eventually left the RN in nine years time.
    Well after 22 years I left and the services had certainly done all that I had wanted, plus more.
    Pay can always be improved as can conditions, however I do not believe even in todays world that the majority join the services because of the pay.
  10. Re: Junior Ranks should get £6K pay rise to boost morale -

    Talking as someone who is about to join - I agree with Slims statement. Monthly takehome, in all honesty, rarely came to mind in the recruitment process. In fact I am halving my salary straight away when I go to Raleigh. Does this bother me? Not even in the slightest. What I "lose" in financial freedom I gain from the military life as a whole. It was a major sticking point in my interview. The recruiter said, and I quote "I wouldnt want to half my wages". My answer was simple:

    "would you do any other job?"

    He laughed and said no, he wouldnt.

    I'm slightly older than the usual newbie at 26, and the past months paying off the little monthly outgoings that mount up has been...lets say...testing. But it means I wont have any DD's / Standing orders when I go in November. Its all moot anyway. I guarentee whats going in, or out of my bank will be the last thing on my mind when I walk through the gates at Raleigh.
  11. Would be nice, but cant see it happening. Aa long as i can cover the bills im happy.
  12. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    I like Clegg's sentiments. It comes from an area of politics completely bereft of substance and virtue and with no promises that once they'd shut down every area of our influence and scaled down our operations, they wouldn't start dismantling the Armed Forces completely.

    Clegg has focussed on a narrow area, amplifying his blathering with the tried and tested 'put their necks on the line for the country' soundbite, failing miserably to note that he is also commenting on comparitive pay scales of junior firemen, policemen and recruited soldiers. I'm aware that we don't send raw recruits into battle. So, Nick, once they pass out of training, do they take a pay cut back to Private level? What happens to subsequent pay scales of say, L Cpl, Cpl and beyond? Do they freeze? I was led to believe that the higher you got, the more responsibility you shoulder, and the more pay you earned. It isn't 'new navy' to believe this is a psychological edict that drives some of us along. So tell us Nick. Are you advocating a pay rise across the board then? Right up to Admiral of the Fleet? Interesting stuff, because Clegg says this tokenism ... sorry, sound political policy ... would only cost a fraction of the Defence Budget. I think he needs to wire up his head and his arse, myself.


  13. I used to think like that when i was a JR,out of interest i started on £3,14 pence a week at ganges,ferkin fortune, :D
  14. I would never say know to a pay rise, but after leaving the marines and being in civi street for nearly a year now, i was picking up just over 25k and in civi street i cant get anywork that comes anywhere near that, and plus i have had enough of civi life hence the process of rejoining. On the whole as mentioned if you have served and been a civi your pusser wages are actually pretty good. Lets be honest you get plenty of time off, if you are not on ops and back in the UK life is so simple.
    As for the nurses my girlfriend has been a nurse for just over a year now, anyway i had to have a little nosey how much she took home and i was shocked when she took home 27k with the over time, not bad considering she is at the bottom with the over time there when needed.
  15. £6k pay rise? That'll fix morale.

    I mean it's the pay that causes most of the morale problems- nothing to do with equipment shortages, lack of harmony time, fewer ships etc. etc.

    It's a political gimmick from Clegg to earn him some good headlines as the silly season comes to an end. Nothing more.
  16. Re: Junior Ranks should get £6K pay rise to boost morale -

    Dont forget that Clegg is not proposing any new money for this - he expects it to be found from elsewhere in the Defence Budget- and whatever you say about money being wasted in the PE it will be f...ing hard to fund this pay increase from efficiency savings.
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  17. Re: Junior Ranks should get £6K pay rise to boost morale -

    Its all those new energy saving lightbulbs
  18. Re: Junior Ranks should get £6K pay rise to boost morale -

    I agree with MLP. It would be 'nice' to give even more incentive but with the way funds are atm it's basically wishful thinking. I mean, it came from a Liberal after all :roll: :lol:
  19. Re: Junior Ranks should get £6K pay rise to boost morale - C

    He's also been under attack recently (even from his own side) for disappearing off the face of the earth politically only a few months after he talked about cutting back MPs' summer holidays. Subsequently there's been a spurt (such as it is) of soundbites to try and convince his own side he's doing something.

    His military 'thinking' such as it is makes no sense at all. He thinks Afghanistan is a pointless war - from which we should withdraw - but wants to axe the carriers to pay for it. He wants to get shot of Trident but still thinks we need a deterrent - he just doesn't know what that should be. He wants to pay junior ranks more and make the savings by 'efficiency savings', which is opposition-speak for 'we haven't a ******* clue how we'd pay for it.'

    He's terrified of losing Lib Dem/Tory marginals in the wake of the Cameron effect and thus is spouting this sort of stuff to make the right-leaning Lib Dem swing voter think he cares about some of their issues. He's also just launched a policy document 'A fresh start for Britain', that effectively erases all previous Lib Dem policy (free university tuition, personal care for the elderly etc).

    The Lib Dems aren't all bad. Vince Cable, for instance, has consistently been the wisest and most sensible voice on the economy out of any of the three main parties and in an ideal world would be Chancellor on merit. But under Clegg they have become something of a joke politically, staging walkouts and firing off press releases about everything rather than coming up with concrete policy.

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