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So a OOW arrives and is the XOA. Is that the best way to get them some on the job trainign that will be relevent in the future.

I did the Damage job on the LPD and it is a great OOW job. You are whole ship, you learn about training design and management, you are involved at Weekly Planners to ensure your training programme is in, you get a greater understanding of how the ship works by walking your patch ie the whole ship and you can wear white overalls and set off the smoke machine.

The Canadians have their junior officers doing director courses that allow them an early introduction to warfare. On that I like is the Information Management Director (IMD). Shoudl we be using one of the OOWs as the Deputy Information Manager to help bread PWO(C)s of the future?

I'd rather not have OsOW as directors. The Warfare Branch does need to invest more in it's OsOW though. One of the OsOW is involved in IM, it's just that we have conflated the secretarial part of information (the bit that used to involve the Ship's Office's packs) and the war-fighting part of information (bandwidth, processing of information to aid decision making, the conflation of EW/J2/'ISTAR' into one great big mixyblob).

It comes back to proper career management - there's lots of courses you could put a putative XOA/Corro etc on, we just don't let our Junior Officers go on them.
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