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Junior IT Field Support Engineer - Leeds


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A great opportunity for a Junior IT Customer Support Engineer to provide field IT support to Leeds schools as part of a large-scale managed service with one of the 'UK's Top IT Employers'*.

RM Education is the leading provider of ICT software & services to the Education sector and employs over 2000 staff. Working within RM's BSF programme ('Building Schools for the Future'), the Field Customer Support Engineer will be part of a core team delivering a full ICT Managed Service (MS Server 2003,08,12/XP/7, AD, Group policies, DNS, DHCP, VMware, Citrix, wireless, network Switches etc) to a mix of newly constructed and existing schools across Leeds.

The Junior Field Support Engineer will provide holiday and sickness cover to the existing school onsite engineers, spending anything from half a day to a period of a few weeks at any particular school. You'll mostly be working alongside and learning from other engineers as you respond to incidents and issues logged by the customer, infrequently you may be alone onsite.

For all the detail and to apply please select the link below:
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