Jungly SAR boy gets a Crab gong


War Hero
What is the Air force Cross? It's not as if Royal gets a "Marine Medal" or Jack gets a Navy Cross (Stand firm septics).

A close relative got one in the second world war, are they like a chuck up, a permanent make and mend or a dangly Herbert Lott award?
You're right Alfred, he got the gong but he was at pains to highlight how it was the whole crew who were responsible for the rescue and not just him. I know it's unfair that the blokes dangling on bits of string and doing the actual rescue and first aid don't get a piece of tin but at least on this occasion (and despite being of the rotating wing variety) he did try to account for the vital roles the rest of his crew played in the affair and managed to do that a fair few times.
Safeguard. Portland follies etc. What stands a jungly apart from say a ASW type pilot. I understand they are their for Royal's taxi etc but what hazards do they train for over any other pilot? Again appreciate that LZ might be a small clearing in the jungle but surely any pilot worth his salt could land in that??? No twat answers please I genuinely don't know.
Mainly it's the pilot's ability to navigate without someone sat to the left. I appreciate there is a difference between 'training' and 'real life', but a Junglie is supposed to get to an LZ for a specific time without an Observer/2nd Pilot to do the navigating for him.

Add in some low level flying (not a lot of need to avoid wood blocks when you're hunting SSNs mid-Rockall), and that's the essence of it.
No radar so no Obs I presume.

As I understand it, a Junglie can be flown with one Pilot and one Left Hand Seat qualified Aircrewman. The LHS does things on taking off and landing on behalf of the Pilot.
Junglie SK's can fly with one pilot and another pilot OR manual throttles qualified aircrewman in the LHS.

In case of emergency a second pair of hands are required to manage the engines via two levers on the cockpit roof, that allows the actual pilot to actually fly the aircraft.

The engines are usually controlled via computers but in the event of an engine problem the computer can be disengaged and operated manually.

Crap explanation but hope it helps!!! (Even we pinger aircrewman trained and qualified as manual qualified crewmen in the event of such an emergency!!!)

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