Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Kyle.L.19, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys

    If i get the chance to and serve with 847 sqd as an AET (junglie). As long as i get me head down and get me training done..

    Would i have to under go another course such as an AACC? that is similar to a Marines course, since ill be near front line in Afghanistan?

    If anyone could shed any information on this area, that would be great!

    Many Thanks
  2. No idea what they do these days. But in days gone by we, (maintainers), used to do 3 weeks with the marines, in those days the SLR, these days it will be the SA80.

    Maybe a current junglie will be along and give todays version what a new age Junglie gets up to. :wink:
  3. Cheers Waspie! Nice to get a glipse of what they did! Probally will be the SA80.

    Yeah when i went to see HMS Lusty's visit at Liverpool, i had a chat with a PO AET, he was a friendly chap and i asked him about the job involved. I asked him about the Junglie route and he did touch up on about saying you would have to go along and do a course with the marines. So i thought out of interest if anyone had any information on this. AFCO probally best people to ask but if anyone has any views, be helpful :).

    Sounds exciting though.
  4. Like I said can't talk about ops these days. But I was attached to 848 in the Far East. The Squadron used to work with the Army working JWS, (Jungle Warfare School), They also used to carry out FOB's Forward Operating Bases in the Jungle. For that we used to dress up bootie style, carry our weapons and stand guard etc. Got a right bollocking one day for going for a dump without my SLR.

    As Junglies tend to support the Army and Marines they tend to be more weapon orientated than your ASW mechanics obviously.

    Junglie is a grand life/laugh. Hard graft but as they say - work hard play hard.
  5. Kyle, when you finish your trade training and if you do get selected to go to the Junglie circuit you will be trained at Yeovilton by RM instructors in all things military. You won't do the Cdo course unless you apply for it and are lucky enough to be accepted.

    PS its Royal Marines...

    Good luck
  6. Cheers Timex

    So i guess its all about chance? by being selected to go Junglie and i can't just apply for it?

    Ill get my head down i guess and hope for the best.

    Thanks for the info mate, you talking from past experience? or you in the FAA?

  7. Past experience as a Bootie at VL for a long time, my last Sqn was 847. Our maintainers were 50% RN and Army until the Gazelle went out of service, and at that point the REME left. 847 is like all the other Junglie Sqn's, very very busy but a good bunch to work for/with.
  8. From what I've been told by AFCO and a junglie pilot (I'm applying for aircrew and I imagine the advice is the same) is that as part of Commando Helicopter Force it's possible, maybe even recommended to to AACC but not necessary. I was having a chat with a pilot on 845 NAS down at Yeovilton and he's done at least one tour in 'stan (sorry, can't remember if it was more) and he's not done the course and has no plans to.
  9. There is no requirement whatsoever, however being on the Junglie circuit puts you in a very good position to do it if you wish. All Matelots deploying are given the requisite military training by either RM or RAF Reg. But beyond waving a rifle around and a few contact drills, thats about it.
  10. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    RAF Regt? Do matelots have to man the main gate sentry post now? :twisted:
  11. Matelots with rifles!! Ye Gods they'll have women on ships next. 8O :lol:
  12. Hahaha !

    Been looking at 847 sqd like you said, they operate with the RM 3 Bgd on the Lynx mk7?

    Which sqd utilises the SeaKing mk4+, of transporting troops etc ?

  13. It's true, on final ex you all have to gain at least 6 stone of gunt, muster outside the EFI in a WMIK or a Pinz dripping in gucci kit, attach as many different things to your gat and lid as you can order from silvermans and spout stuff like "2 Sqn duck, the real 2 para!" At passing WAFs.

    Then you're cleared for theatre.
  14. Us real Junglies with our SK4's are on 848 (Training) 845 and 846 (Frontline Squadrons)
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  15. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Why not? It gives you "seaborne soldiers" something to eyeball when you're all loafing in the NAAFI/Scran queue, or bronzing on the upper scupper while the rest of the Ship's Company is digging out, turned to...

    And believe me - Jack wouldn't go near them once you lot have got your grubby hands on them; we don't do sloppy seconds on a Royal! :rambo: :lol:
  16. It all went downhill on there when they drafted more Matelots. When the initial 8 went over times were good.
  17. Kyle

    I am on 846NAS (Sea King 4+) and am currently on my third 12 week tour of Afghanistan. It would appear to take a certain person to survive on the circuit, as many of the young lads cannot hack it and are putting their notices in at the earliest opportunity. I am an old and bold CPOAEA so have seen the good times and bad times on the circuit. These are the badder times, but they are as good as you make them. Good luck.
  18. are there any troops out there who were on 848 and 845 when they were flying Whirlwind 22,then Whirlwind 7,and then the great wessex 5.
    real junglies in them there days!!!!

  19. I was 848 in the days of the Wessex 5 (Circa 70-71). Great days with John Beattie a squadron pilot who now runs the RN Historic flight.

    Joined 848 in Singa's, formed up with 847, embarked on the Albion. Covered the withdrawal of Singapore and the middle east.

    When 848 merged with 847 we had 24 Wessex I believe, (may have been 22) and the Squadron Wasp.

    How times change.

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