Junglie Cocktail Party 2007

He's an occifer, they do everything in triplicate.
Plus it seems to be an occifer only bash so they need to find as many Nigels and Ruperts as possible to make up the numbers.
Noticed from their site that poofs are welcome, says that their are facilities for camping.
Shame the cocktail parties are only for Junglie officers. No room for the aircrew who tend to do lots of useful mapreading and with whom you might fly into battle with? I do find it strange for pilot officers to hold a cocktail party with a third or even half of their crew missing. Make an exception to the rule, why don't you?
But Harry, surely the other ranks will be represented by the Stewards :lol: .
Piglets wouldn't want too many of the "Oiks" turning to, it might create a crush at the bar and delays in the mixing of the pink gins. Pip Pip.


War Hero
Ratings at the bash?

With all that drinking, swearing and throwing up. Trying to shag other fellows birds and telling naughty jokes. No way are they going to let ratings go and witness occifers performing like that.
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