Jungle Book Sing-a-long

“Now I’m a Window Lickerâ€
“A Spanner V.I.P.â€
“I wear Shell Suits and furry bootsâ€
“And my best friend is a treeâ€
“I want to be mmmllllaaarrrr man-cubâ€
“And shuffle into townâ€
“They make such a fuss on the Spackers busâ€
“I’m tired of mmlllarrring aroundâ€

“Oh mmllaarrreee – dooooo!â€
“I wanna be like yoooooooo!!â€
“I wanna walk like you, talk like you…â€
“Mmmmllllarrrreee-doo I’ve done a poo!â€
“You see it’s true…â€
“A plank like meâ€
“Can learn to be hoo-oo-man tooooo!â€

“Gee Cousin Brass-neck, you’ve only spat
HALF your dinner out today!â€

“Now here’s the Mmmlllaarrrrr-deal cousin,
Lay the secret on me of how to eat without

“Now don’t try to kid me mancubâ€
“I made a deal with youâ€
“I look like a tool ‘cos when I eat I droolâ€
“So make my dream come trueâ€
“Give me the secret mancubâ€
“Clue me what to doâ€
“No other men are covered in phlegmâ€
“I wanna be like you…â€

“I wanna walk like youâ€
“Not dribble like you, toooooâ€
“You’ll see it…â€
“Someone like meâ€
“Can learn to beâ€
“Like someone like yooooo!â€
“Can learn to beâ€
“Like someone like – MmmmmllllaaaarrRRRRRR!â€

(Enjoy the rest of your breakfast)
Well I'm the king of the pingers
The A S W D
I've reached the top and had to stop
And that's what's botherin' me.
Oh PWO(U), I wanna be like you hoo hoo.

etc etc etc


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