June 28th


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Yes, I was there on Devonshire - what a great time I had as a junior salior. We had stopped off in Gib in Feb beforehand and stocked up on Pussers Rum. When the Queen ordered Splice the Mainbrace, boy, were we ready!

I couldn't have sippers being under 18 but as a writer, I recorded the ins and outs in the mess where the ceremony took place.

The old VCA who was in charge did "queens" and I was introduced to my large tot (neaters) in the Jack Dustys office so no reggies could see.

I asked a basic question - why am I crying when this tastes so good?

Knocked my bloody socks off - great memories. Still have my jubilee mug proudly displayed here in Honkers, lets me swing the lamp when guests come round.




I remember one guy, Slim Hurrell built like a bloody great shit house, lovely fella and I think the last of the sailmakers branch who had tears in his eyes, to go through the ceremony.

There were invites (accepted) to go across to HMNZS Canterbury (kiwis still had the tot in those days, not sure now). Getting ashore was a no-no.

First and last time I cheered ship - crikey, I feel old!
I was on the Achilles. We were en route to Belize running on one engine across the Atlantic. We were the next best thing to a serviceable ship available since everyone else was on the jubilee. We even had our mail censored leaving the ship as we were "covert" at the time. Remember sailing down the Florida coast watching all the fireworks going of on 4/07...
Was watching from Stokes Bay as a Sea Cadet on a daytrip from London dreaming of joining up, now 24yrs done, outside for 5 how time flies!!
I was on Hermes at Spithead in '77. I had been in the mob for just over a year and being at the review really brought home to me the traditions and scale of the service I had joined.

I remember watching the QE2 sailing down the Solent and being awed by the size of her as she dwarfed us and the Ark, up to this point the biggest ships I had seen.

On the Fife, had a great time when they spliced the main brace, just like old times. More rum than you could shake a stick at. Anyone remember going ashore on the paddle tugs?



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bigbaddog said:
Today is the "30th Anniversary" of the Silver Jubilee Spithead Review Anyone else there? I was loaned to HMS LYNX (Boat was in refit in Chatham) to man the MCO, and add a few more "ships" to the lines. (Brought out of mothballs in Chatham especially for the occasion)...never even got ashore. The only time I've "Cheered Ship"!

I was in the 2nd Frigate Squadron, more commonly known as the Portland Training Squadron. We were busy at the time, so couldn't make it, but I got another tot. Curtousy of HM QEII.
[align=center]Fleet Review 2007 [/align]

Prime Minister Garden Broom :downtown: in the Government pedalo reviews the fleet before piping Stand Easy, all Hands muster in the Automat for splice the Mainbrace (two cups per teabag) :coffee:


Now Seeyou Jimmy, wheres that well hard pole :naka: and his crew :sex: dja think they want to buy a boat. :money:


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Father_Famine said:
[align=center]Fleet Review 2007 [/align]

Prime Minister Garden Broom in the Government pedalo reviews the fleet before piping Stand Easy, all Hands muster in the Automat for splice the Mainbrace (two cups per teabag)
Now that, I liked.

In reality, what we should have is HM The Boss cycling past a row of Admirals as it'd take longer.

(Well that's what my "mate" Norm would reckon.)
Was there on VALIANT: silly Skipper announces on a VTM that 8 medals would be awarded to the Ship's Company - Skipper, one occifer below the rank of 2 1/2, 2 chiefs, 2 POs, 2 JRs, then he names them ! Next day, all change - no medals for POs, no JRs. Time we got alongside in Pompey the following day, EVERYBODY has a jubilee clip on their top pocket.
Ned meets me in the passage, says "sorry you didn't get the medal, I recommended you for one". " No probs, sir - not like I got one, then had to hand it back".
"Why has everybody got a jubilee clip in their pocket then ? Why have you got a 6 inch clip in your pocket ?"
"Disappointment factor, sir"
"Why has the Chief EA got a quarter inch clip in his pocket?
"Well sir, that lying Cornish bastard said he didn't want one anyway."
Very rapid end of conversation, exit skipper to the depths of the wardroom wine locker, me to a rather tasty pint of CSB......

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