June 1st 2007

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by bigbaddog, Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. Holidays, Vacations, Leave & Summer Breaks.......where d'you want to be?
    The Jacuzzi is bubbling away on a cool setting out on the verandah of my Seychelles Beach Cottage.....the waves are gently hissing across the warm wet sand....my lady is settling into the water...I've got the wine (white and red) - chilled nicely - two glasses. We both settle into the clear, bubbling water and watch the Sun slowly set...blazing a trail down through a cloudless azure blue sky. We have drank enough to make inhibitions a distant memory and our cool skin touches. Nice little classic rock number on the cutting-edge music centre:-
    Lost in Paradise and I don't want to go home.
    As for reality?.......I've been painting houses for cash all day and have just got home, I'm covered in paint and my backs killin' - and Wolf Pack Leader is at work until 21:30. And I'm back on shift all weekend...ho hum.
    On 1-6-07.....what would you have rather been doing?
  2. Environmental Health won't let me in the dockyard let alone back onboard my ship, so i've spent the day (mostly) in the garden in the sun :)
    Who's complaining! :D
  3. Same as yesterday. Not to hot, walking the coastal path from Mousehole to Lamorna, lovely pasty and a pot of tea at the end of it, and then, bliss, walking back ... birds, sea, etc :clap:
  4. Mixing concrete! ^_^;
  5. Running round after fat munters in a department store who want to know 'dyee have this bikini in a size thorty?!'

    Depressing stuff on a day like this.

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