Julian Thompson Falklands Campaign Book


Need a hand here. There's an ex-booty down at my local who's birthday it is in July. He's on his last legs, bless him and we were looking to get him something special. He was over the moon with the copy of Jack Speak we got signed for him last year by Rick Jolly.

His son mentioned that his last CO in the Corps was Major General Julian Thompson.

Can anyone suggest where we might buy a signed copy of 'No Picnic', Thompson's account of the Falklands Campaign? Or even how we might manage to get the great man himself to sign a copy?

Would mean a lot to the old fella and a couple of wets will be on offer to anyone who could help us out.

Don't know if it's any help, but:

Julian Thompson is giving a talk on 'The Falkands Land War' at the Imperial War Museum North (Manchester). Friday 22nd June 2007 (from 5:30pm)

After these talks, they normally hang about for a chat and I've seen people getting their books signed.

Sorry mate, but I don't think I'm going to be in Manchester for this one, otherwise I would have tried to help.

PS - don't think this is an PERSEC issue as the talks are open to the public and are openly advertised, but MODS feel free to edit!
I'm sure if you could contact the General, he would be only too happy to sign a book for an old comrade. I'm sure one of our Royals could get us a contact point?

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