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Jugroom Fort


Without wishing to sound too much like an ‘Armchair Adjutant’ and knowing that they would loose any intelligence material in the process, why don’t the military use the 2000lb thermo- baric bomb on the Fort? At least it would obliterate their stronghold and anyone in it would certainly not live to cause a problem for our forces in the future.


Greendeath said:
Nice, oblitherate everything. Isn't that a yank thing?


It is a bit Yankified but after all the goal is to kill those twats and at least this way non of our outstanding lads would be injured or worse in the process. Anyway that is my humble opinion from the comfort of my armchair.


Lantern Swinger
Yes but don't forget, the yanks also do high altitude bombing and OFTEN miss their target.

There's a morrel there somewhere!!


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