Judges statement for Marine A case

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Woody2654, Dec 8, 2013.

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  1. Thank you for that Woody. It has cleared my mind somewhat and has provided me with a little insight into the workings of the legal military mind. A fair conclusion to a very unfortunate incident in my opinion.

  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    That judge makes a killing from H4H doesn't he?

    If you're going to kill your enemy just make sure your enemy is a member of HM armed forces, all you'll get is a slap on the wrists, some compensation for having to do it and a stiff telling off for being a naughty boy.
  3. Jeff Blackett 'Nuff said! What a prized w4nker that man is. Must have been like a scene from Blackadder. I'd rather be sentenced by Bin Laden himself.
  4. Of course sitting in a court room in middle England is a far cry from the brutality of

    the conflict in Afghanistan, but you have been judged here by a Board made up of

    Service personnel who understand operational service because they too have

    experienced it. That is one of the strengths of the Court Martial system.

    I somehow doubt that very much

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  5. At the end of the day it's open and shut he did it. He had no operational reason to do so. He had been told the legalities of such an event. Then to top it off he let someone video it. Open and shut. 10 years seems fair to me, I don't think he should have been named and I think on release he will get a new ID. I just hope he and his family make it to release.
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  6. I was going to copy that part too, but Ipads do my head in. Fully agree, what a pathetic statement.

    All that fat useless twat has done is lord it up around the RFU. Arrogant w4anker that should be put out to pasture.
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  7. So just how often has this judge and his compatriots, been in the front line facing death every minute? I agree that the incident should not have happened, but come on, another section of UK public life have walked away, wringing their hands and saying "There was nothing we could do, our hands are tied". When it is finally all over are we going to have a "Bloody Sunday" type of enquiry, that will drag on for years. When are the prats who put our forces into danger, going to stand before a judge and jury and answer the charge of taking the UK into a fight that didn't have anything to to with us?
  8. What do you suggest. This is not the first time British troops in Afghanistan have shot people. I have a friend who shot not one but two unarmed children. He held his hands up and was able to justify his actions and as such walks a free man.
    This has not been a witch hunt he committed a crime which he knew was a crime and apart from the name and shame
    has got off lightly with a ten yet sentence. I really don't see the outrage.
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  9. It's a political decision.

    Once again, a shining example of how this country is totally FUBAR thanks to middle-class liberal ******* sat on their fat,unenlightened arses dictating a duplicit moral code to the rest of us that is nothing more than an incredible theory.

    If this ******** judge is going to bleat about the British Armed Services upholding the morality of the Geneva Convention, is he going to condemn insurgent beheadings of Afghan civilian men & women and any chance capture of NATO forces?

    Sitting in a cosy British court room ,military or otherwise, is still lightyears away from the 'justice' that would have been metered out to one of our lads if the shoe was on the other foot.We would have been watching Internet video clips of a beheading. Different culture, different mentality.Different,different,different.
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  10. NB: Most depressingly, the poison has seeped into the higher eschelons of the military as well now.

  11. WE, (the British Government), signed up to the Geneva Conventions. As professional servicemen we agree to fight and keep those conventions. (They can work in our favour at times, if captures by a signatory to the conventions.)

    Terrorists to the best of my knowledge don't sign up to them. So we play fair - they don't. That's war.

    The guy by his own admission stated he had contravened the GC's. What is so political about that? He was caught - found guilt and sentenced. Like the others I don't agree with the naming of him.
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  12. Oh deary me.
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  13. what a load of crap. What the enemy would or would not do is beside the point. This is a professional soldier, not a conscript
    a man paid to do a job. That job is covered by laws and as a SNCO he was well aware, as he admitted. There is no political will in this it's the law. And the judge played no part in it. The judge decides from the evidence is this man guilty or isn't he. The judge has no say in it. The lads provided all the evidence that was needed. Again this has not been a witch hunt.
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  14. Exactly. It is the judges job to determine whether or not the law has been broken and in the event it has to which extent. The fact that Marine A said immediately afterwards 'Obviously this doesn't go anywhere fellas. I just broke the Geneva Convention' seals his fate more than any alleged political bias on the part of the judge. Whether we like the laws or not we have to follow them. And if we break them it is no defence to say that the law is an ass. An ass it may be but if we are going to hold on to our 'good guys' status then we have to hold ourselves to a higher standard than those that we are fighting against. By failing to do so we are just as bad as them.
  15. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Poor cnut, I wouldn't want to live with that.
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  16. Luckily they gave the kids aid and got a helo in for them and as far as im aware they both survived. But either way I would not want to live with it either. But as I have said he was able to justify his actions added to the fact just days earlier a 13 year old had killed a guy from our regiment plus a couple
    more and it was a bit more understandable as well.
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  17. Yep. You are completely right. Post deleted.
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Thought you were an ET(WE) Danny?

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