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Discussion in 'International' started by hobbit, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. The latest comment on the legal profession reveals a propensity for travel at a high rate . The loss of reality is once again seen as these people gouge the public purse and travel the world , with spouse , at public expense . Why aren't they at home with such huge back-logs of cases ? What a role model , no wonder crims ( and the general public ) have little respect for the law .


    This is the judge with a male partner,

    "Taxpayers paid to send Justice Kirby's partner, Johan van Vloten, with him as he delivered lectures, and attended a conference and a dinner."

  2. I take your point that many in positions of responsibility abuse their status and the accompanying perks, however it would have been more credible on this UK site if the article related to the UK Judiciary and not the Australians.

  3. If the site is to be exclusive to UK please let it be known although the various subjects appear to cover the international scene . However , given the brotherhood of the profession it could probably be said this applies to the profession generally . Anyway, is this a UK site , for UK news only , or is it open to the world ?
  4. Welcome to Rum Ration, THE unofficial website of the British Royal Navy and Royal Marines

    I think that heading on the front page explains it all.
  5. Hobbit, we did open an INTERNATIONAL forum, for threads like this.
  6. Roger HTP and PTP , thought current affairs was open go for ' current affairs ' with other areas for various specialised subjects .
  7. Where else am I going to discuss the merits and demerits of Camels shagging?

    I dunno, you give us something to use, we use it, you tell us not to.......hang on......this all sounds a bit familiar.......were you in the Mob too?
  8. You mean camel shagging has merits?
  9. Ah, well, you see, I wouldn't, I mean, I couldn't, what with the height, but erm, lovely weather we're having, isn't it?

  10. Want a shag Jack?

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    All we have got left is Slim off RR or Gertrude the Camel

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    Mind you I would never stoop as low as a Dachshund
  11. So if you picked Gertrude, would Slim take the hump?
  12. No I would be extremely relieved. my botty is a one way system.
  13. That explains why we have members who have NEVER been in either service then :roll:

    We have members living all over the world, why can't they post about subjects important to them ?
  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    They can on the International Forum
  15. FFS on any Forum


  16. On the homepage for Current Affairs "Standing Orders-Forum Moderation"
    the first few lines explains this and mentions national and international news doesn't it?
  17. CA is for all current affairs, it's RR's version of the BBC news.

    This forum was set up for those RR members living abroad, so you can have your own little place.

    Anyone has a problem with this, I am sure Bad_CO and Good_CO would be willing to hear it out.
  18. Thank you all for the explanations , everything is much clearer now

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