Judah and Muhammad


Lantern Swinger
Did anyone on here see the above-titled programme on C4 the night before last? It was where they followed the lives of two teenage lads, one Palestinian and one Israeli. It really made interesting viewing, but made me ask myself whether there really is hope for that part of the world.

Anyone else see it and have any thoughts?


War Hero
And there was me thinking this was going to be something like "Did you hear the one about Judah and Mohammad"?

Disappointed or what! :(

No I didn't see it, was watching the Penlea Lifeboat programme, the sort of thing that does restore ones faith in human nature.

There is always hope, but at the moment it gets smaller with every bomb and rocket. The problem I see at the moment is that both sides believe they have to kill to maintain popular support, but fail to see that every time they kill some one on the opther side they simply re-inforce their determination to kill too. If you add to that and Israeli army that needs conflict to maintain it position of power within the country, and arab militias that need conflict to keep the money flowing in from places like Iran and Syria. The result is a never ending cycle of violence.

Israel will never destroy Hamas and Hezbollah on the battle field, and by the same token they will never destroy Israel.



Will never solve the Middle East , to much hatred , to many factions , they all despise each other , and Bush and Blair think they can impose democracy on them , cloud cuckoo land the lot of them , and our lads and lasses stuck in the middle :twisted:
The Israel v Arab states conflict was quiet for a long time. the armed truce
seemed to be working .

Isreal used to do the retribution by stealth method----- the old mafia tricks of cars or houses going bang with people they didn't like inside them.
By going all out with tanks and modern weapons is just giving the Arabs more targets!! and of course the more damage they do gives more recruits to the anti jewish arab factions.

You can't beat guerilla warfare with regular forces----- Vietnam/Afghanistan etc all failed. and this one isn't any different.