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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by toycommandos, Jun 14, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone know the policy for wearing the Jubilee medal?

    When the medal got issued i missed the qualifying period by 2 months yet my best mate who had joined the Police that year got issued it.
    There is a dit going about that if you were serving at the time of the Jubilee then you are entitled to wear it, however you would have to purchase it yourself.

    I know it may seem trivial but every medal helps when you are wearing them on parade, especially the public ones!

    I also feel that we all should have been issued it regardlesss of time served!!!!!
  2. The Queen's silver one was '77. Now I may be getting old and fuddled but I think a couple were handed out to a select few but nobody I ever knew in the Corps wore one. So perhaps none were handed out after all!

    What's my name, again?
  3. Im refering to the golden one. To get it issued to you, you had to have done 5 years sevice yet the civil services got it regardless of how long they had done.
  4. I didn't know she had had one! But your description of the awarding of it sounds more than plausible. I think something similar happened in '77, but with so many guys standing about with several clasps on their GSM along with oak leaves and assorted gallantry medals I suspect any young bootneck awarded it (ie less than about 14 years in :) ) would have been too embarrassed to wear it!
  5. You had to have served 5 years by a certain point in 2002.

    as with all medals, if you don't qualify for it you don't get to wear it. you definitely are not allowed to purchase medals and wear them.

    more than happy to be corrected on this :thumright:
  6. I hardly think a piece of crap like the Jubilee medal is something one earns the right to wear. To talk about being qualified to wear it demeans any decent medal.

    Just my opinion.
  7. Dry your eyes harrybosch, it was toycommandos post i was going on about.

    And you do/ did have to qualify for it by 5 years.

    No i dont have one, dont want one, so dont be such a tool.

    was that simple enough for you to understand?

    Edited to add- you changed your original post pretty quick there harrybosch
  8. I totally except that and understand. What gets me is all the civil services personnel got given it regardless of how much time served. My mate was still in Police training and he got the bloody thing!
  9. The criteria for the award (and thereby the wearing) of the QGJM to members of the Armed Services are on the MOD website (link).

    The criteria for the award of the QGJM to members of the Emergency Services are identical (Hansard 21 Mar 02):

    The medal was not awarded to members of the Civil Service (Hansard 28 Mar 02):

    I hope that clears this up.
  10. How about I come round and gouge your feckers out.

    I edited my post on the grounds that I had overlooked a comment from TCs original post. So you were perhaps a bit too quick of the mark, you fecking tosser.
  11. However the five year service point is a qualification point, but I do tend to agree with you. I have one but didn't have my uniform altered to wear it. That got me a Two Star bollocking at one stage, but that wasn't enough to get me to wear it.
  12. mmmm, i see. I was in the Air Cadets with said mate, maybe thats where he got his from.
  13. Yeh that will work- mong!

    Why dont you read it all before gobbing off and getting all offensive. Now who looks like the tosser!
  14. That's far more likely. I assume qualifying periods (see my previous post) could be aggregated to make up the total time required. I wear mine because I think the Queen has been the best thing since sliced bread.

    P.S. Does anyone know what the best thing was before sliced bread?
  15. 303 Salts Mill Rd
    W. Yorks

    Knock the door anytime.
  16. I agree with you, I feel this country would not be great without the Royals and the traditions connected with them etc.
  17. thanks, ill put you on my christmas card list :biggrin:
  18. Hey harry

    Are all of those theses your marking getting to you mate??

    Airy fairy if your in the know reference Corps History then today is a day to remember friends lost in far away places. Therefore i'm not overly surprised by Mr Bosch's response today.

    Just a thought

  19. Hi RD,
    I hear some irritable old git was on here this morning? Oh, yeah, it was me.

    I've got my happy head back on now :dwarf:

    PS I had better go back and erase my address before Josie and the rest of the girls find it! :w00t:
  20. Yeah Right!! In your dreams HB ... only in your dreams!!



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