Jubilee flotilla

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by SONAR-BENDER, Jun 3, 2012.

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  1. Well, we sat in all afternoon drinking Pimms (it was 29 degrees outside) to watch the Thames extravaganza and apart from Huw Edwards, it was brilliant!

    BIG BZ to all those that took part. I particularly liked the Sea Cadets with the Commonwealth flags.

    I felt very sorry that the rain stopped the flypast and the Philharmonic babes looked a bit washed out! But how anyone can bitch about Her Maj or that fantastic spectacle defies belief. (F*n*s!)

    Big happy smiley emoticon thingy.

    (Standing by to resend if I get a blank page)
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  2. Fantastic display by all concerned.
    Laughed at HM tapping along to the Hornpipe!
    A great day to be British and the cynics can get scaped
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  3. Thought it brilliant and to see the smiles and bobbing of Phil the Greek, Wills and Harry at the horn pipe was superb. Hope they have a great evening up at President and at all the barracks, they earned it and did us proud!!
    The flotilla was a great thing to see. :):):)
  4. HM looked really chuffed on her old barge off Brittania.
    Did they get old yachties to crew it?
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  5. I'm neither republican nor royalist but found their silly bobbing up and down undignified bearing in mind their status.

    Henry III wouldn't have behaved in such a manner.

    Glad it rained.
  6. Editing this post to see if it appears.
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  7. I love all the pomp and ceremony. I had the chance to take part in a small way but unfortunately I couldn't make it. I now really wish I had. I will never see anything on that scale again.

    I love Her Maj and am proud to serve her. Long may she reign.
  8. And again. Phil and Chuck looked like they had been playing in the dressing up box, the amount of bling they were wearing just looked plain daft to me, I suppose they have to have every award going to black cat anyone else who turns up in rig but some one needs to tell them not to go over the top
  9. "There are a lot of bands in boats today."

    "This must be the section of historical boats."

    "It's raining." expressed in various ways.

    Aaagh! A technological triumph in terms of filming (even with the inane cutaways to Jubilee babies, Jubilee cakes and rain-soaked Jubilee artists) but no one on the BBC commentary team seemed to have any more knowledge than an average 8-year old. Did they have a list of vessels participating in this great spectacle and the reasons for their significance? If they did, it wasn't apparent. They were mostly clueless.

    As for all the reporting errors (Her Royal Highness the Queen, the 91,000 ton HMS Belfast, etc.), words fail me.

    Well done to all those who worked so hard to prepare for the pageant and took part in it but you were seriously let down by the BBC commentary team.
  10. Think they did have a few of the old Yachties there, they were looking a bit chunkey :) And yes N-G the old Belfast has put on a few pounds if the BBC to be beleved :)
  11. A BBC commentator identified Cdre Tony Morrow when he greeted the Queen on board the Britannia launch but failed to point out the significance of his presence as the last (and only) Commodore Royal Yacht before she was decommissioned in 1997, the post of FORY (Flag Officer Royal Yachts) having been abolished in 1995.
  12. http://entertainment.stv.tv/showbiz/307726-all-aboard-royal-yacht-britannia-leaves-scotland-for-key-diamond-jubilee-role/[/URL]
  13. Queen's Diamond Jubilee 2012: BBC sank under a tide of wittering inanity | Mail Online
  14. It took the girlie to correct them "11000 tons when she decommissioned"
  15. Whats all the nit picking going on ffs, it was a celebration day, albeit spoiled a bit by the weather, all the critism going on, for fucks sake give it a rest.
  16. If you weren't a Stores Accountant (i.e. Handler), I'd take the time and trouble to explain to you why a national institution like the BBC should be accurate as well as informative when reporting state occasions such as this to millions of viewers and listeners.
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  17. Apparently the Queens hat making company also made Nelsons hat he wore at Waterloo.
    I can only assume he was going home on leave.
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  18. letthecatoutofthebag
    You obviously missed the Duke of Ediburghs Second World War Medals and his Mention In Dispatches oakleaf

    The bloke was totooed from ******** to breakfast in medals, gold rope, badges, pins, ribbons and I think I spotted a Blue Peter badge in there, so I possibly did miss his war medals. Phil did his bit in the war and well done to him, I dont doubt his bravery, but I do doubt his taste when he wanders around dressed up like a cheap Christmas tree.

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