JSF (likely) to get the axe.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by dublinclontarf, Sep 28, 2008.

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  1. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article4837746.ece

    My own personal view is one of relief, with us pulling out before the big costs start to hit. However, the fact that they're talking about converting the Eurofighter for carrier operations is a f*****g joke :pissedoff: .

    FFS just buy a load of Rafale M's, they're pretty dam good, reasonably priced and ready to go now(or what would be a short build time compared to a new development time and costs). It would also mean we get proper carriers with cats and would mean we can get plenty of training from the frogs using their carrier while ours is being built(or argued about).

    Being honest, the whole JSF thing has turned into a fiasco, the B version is going to be nothing more than a pricey pipe dream.

  2. UK denied waiver on US arms technology

    The US have only themselves to blame if this deal falls through. The UK became increasingly frustrated by a lack of U.S. commitment to grant access to the technology that would allow the UK to maintain and upgrade its F-35s without US involvement. This is understood to relate mainly to the software for the aircraft. For five years, British officials sought an ITAR waiver to secure greater technology transfer. This request, which has the blessing of the Bush administration, was repeatedly blocked by U.S. Representative Henry Hyde, who said that the UK needed to tighten its laws protecting against the unauthorized transfer of the most advanced U.S. technology to third parties.
  3. I think it will be a blessing in disguise, don't think JSF (in any of the variants) are worth their price and the B variant will be useless in terms of payload & range.

    On top of that we would be forced to get cats on the carriers. Not to mention the £1Billion a year JSF would cost us that will be saved. Or at least fill in that £2.5Billion hole in the MOD's budget.

    And while were at it I'm happy to see the Airbus A400 scrapped as well, not even flying yet and the price is over €100Mill per unit. Compare that to the $67Mill US for a C130-J(which we already have). OK it doesn't have the same capacity as the A400 but it'll fill the need at likely less that 1/3 the price of the A400.
  5. No no not at all, I'm talking cats of the feline variety of course. What are you thinking? :bball:
  6. Roger that?? :tool: Paddy
  7. Hmm, m wondering if i should maybe mention that we might *not* be getting the JSF in my selection interview.
  8. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Absolutely need to get back to proper carrier ops for range/payload reasons and cross-decking (which ought to have been a POLITICAL reqt from the start. Let's recognise that VSTOL was an aberration forced on the RN by the small size of the (then helicopter) carriers which were all we had at the time. Follow their genesis - Tiger class conversions to ASW helo ships as stopgap, then 'through-deck cruisers' as ASW replacements, then panic stns as no air defence, so grab at the Harrier for RN use, brilliant success in the nick of time in 1982 BUT if HERMES hadn't been chewed about to be a Cdo carrier .. could have had some sort of conventional option although of course not big enough for Phantom. Maybe this JSF balls-up could just leave the RN with the right kit after all.

    Edited to add NO I DON'T mean the asinine idea of 'navalising. Typhoon which obviously won't work but which mad concept will now be pursued at vast expense to eventual failure. As in WW2 we need to buy American to get ourselves a credible carrier fighter (note for the young, refers to Corsair)
  9. I don't blame the Yanks for withholding info re.fighters.Would you spend billions to get the best then give it to us only for some Europhile to hand it to another country be it France/Germany or more likely USSR?
    We have too many firms connected to Europe to allow that, for instance,Thomson the French electonics firm owns and runs all our flight simulators including Tornado,Harrier etc.How long before they got their hands on it?
    Up to me I would buy mostly Yank gear,Humvees,missiles,planes,especially radios in fact everything we can.
    Their stuff is top drawer while we waste billions like the Nimrod when they have a great air traffic aircraft.
    I'm all for going it with somethings but not when it costs and wastes billions.
  10. Love that coming from Scouse :lol:
  11. :thumright: That must be so. As Brian Boru was your earthly leader :salut:
  12. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Off thread, but some may recall the Irish French Letter which was a 'relic of Brian Borhu' which was made of the finest elk-hide, sorr, and stood from the ground four feet tall; and had a tally with his name and his stud fee and all.

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