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Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by ChickFunk, Dec 20, 2007.

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  1. Newish here so please go easy!

    I understand im going to do a considerable amount of time here, and im going to have a hard time finding out too much about the place; but wondering what to expect in the neighbourhood.

    Whats the local towns like and base as a general place?

    Any one else likely to be there in the next year?
  2. The Indian in town was quite good when I was there about 8 years ago!
  3. Am assuming your going to enter as a CT, am one myself however, not been to Chicksands but there are some people on here who are based there, Jimmy Green being one of them. Theres also some open source websites about the place.
  4. You might get more joy asking on the Int Corps forum on arrse.co.uk

    I'm on the intake after you for CT. Should have been going in May but couldn't make it, gutted. Roll on November!
  5. Bummeh, keep hanging in there; it'll be worth it in the end! Or at least thats what the leaflet says!

    I've heard they dont like being called the INTEL© Corps :D

    See you there im sure though; i know some one else from my AFCO who is in the intake after me.
  6. Chicksands is not too bad as bases go. Looking out at trees and fields is far nicer than dockyard cranes. There is some fairly new accomodation for the JRs though the Army sprogs tend to get the shitty end of the stick and the crap accomodation. The Army and Crab sprogs have to do the marching around bit but everyone else gets pretty much left alone. Because Chix is a training camp there is a slight differentiation between 'permanent staff' and 'students', though as a CT you'll be working/studying away from the rest of the trainees, adjacent to where I work. The JR's bar is called 'Abbots' and is pants. A lot people tend to go to Shefford, which is a large-ish village just a couple of miles from the camp, but a taxi-ride away. It's nothing special, but as Chaz says, it has a half decent Indian. There's a few pubs which are ok but not exactly brilliant. If you want to go further afield there's Bedford which is about 10 miles away, but that's got a piss-poor reputation and I haven't yet been out on the lash there and don't anticipate ever doing so. Hitchin is also about 10 miles away and that's OK to go out in. Biggleswade is about 8 miles away and looks ok but again, I've not gone out in there and haven't heard anything about the place positive nor negative. Chicksands doesn't really have many facilities and is unfortunately in the middle of nowhere. You really do need a car. If you have a look on Google Earth it will give you an idea of what the area is like.

    As for the Int corps, well they're all weird fcukers so as a CT you'll probably feel right at home. :mrgreen:

    One other thing, Chicksands is a tri-service army unit, run on army rules and as such can be pretty **** at times. Enjoy.

    P.S. These are my views and other's opinions will probably differ, but then I'm a grumpy and cynical old bastard and not easily impressed.
  7. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    As a base, it's not too bad. Bedford can be a decent night out if you go out on student night but to be honest, going out on the lash on a school night whilst on course isn't a wise idea! I went back there on a short course not too long ago and went out in Bedford more often then than I did during my entire CT course!

    If you're into MTB'ing, you're laughing. Rowney Warren is the Woodlands located outside the camp and is EXCELLENT for cross country mountain biking.
  8. And dogging! :dwarf:

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